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  1. Selling a Singer 112w140 (I think) double needle machine. It is in very good shape, bought it from Bob at Toledo Sewing last year. Clutch motor, forward only lockstitch. Asking $600. Must pick up in Columbus, OH.
  2. Selling a used Durkopp Adler 269-373. Comes with binder attachment and new servo motor and speed reducer installed. I’ve had this machine for a few years, but haven’t really been able to use it as I would like. Bob from Toledo Sewing serviced it last summer, but it has been mostly sitting idle since. Asking $1000, would need to pick up from Columbus, OH
  3. Hi guys- i need some recommendations on a servo motor for my DA 269-373. I have an Enduro Pro 5000rpm on my Consew 206rb, along with a speed reducer. It's a 110v motor, and I'd really like to do something similar on my other machine as well. However, I'm having trouble locating another motor like the one I currently have, so I'm wondering if anyone would recommend others. Or at least which ones to stay away from. I see several models with brakes (as far as I know) floating around eBay for around $100-130, but I'm not sure what to make of them. I also see several that look smaller and have a digital control on the control box that is separate from the motor itself (Iike the Consew CSM1000). Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Much appreciated, Uwe. Bob Kovar has it right now, so I'll see what he comes up with when he's done cleaning it up. I also need to get it set up on a better table and servo, but that should be much more doable than trying to find these parts so far. Thank you for the references!
  5. Anyone know of any clones for the 269-373? I'm looking to replace feed dog and throat plate potentially, and didn't know if it might be helpful to do some searching of other makes or models. I've had no luck finding what I need online so far. Thanks for any help.
  6. Forgive my ignorance on this type of thing, but I've never worked with alligator before. I have a customer who has a belly that he'd like made into a small collection of items. Does anyone know if it is possible to wet form alligator, or if I would need to use some sort of solid piece to give the skin shape. Particularly, they are requesting some molded cigar cases. Thanks for the help!
  7. Yes, a lapped seam would be what I'm referring to, wasn't sure if that would be familiar term with everyone or not. Essentially, what I'm looking for is some pointers on how to achieve a lapped seam on any particular machine, as it is a lot more difficult to maneuver than a standard seam. Is it helpful to tack at both ends, or how does one feed the piece under the foot while keeping the rest of the material out of the way? I'm guessing it just involves a good deal of cementing and tucking/folding along the way.
  8. Looking for a working Landis 30 to split wallet pieces. Thanks.
  9. Curious if this is still available? Thanks.
  10. I am looking for some advice on how to sew a flat seam on a bag. I have been sewing a regular seam on my bags by sewing them inside out with the grain sides facing each other, but I would like to know how to do a flat seam with grain side to flesh side so that the seams do not stick out into the bag. I current have a flat bed Consew, a cylinder bed Adler, and a post bed Pfaff at my disposal, but the trouble comes when I get to sewing too close to the base or when the bag is being sewn together on the second seam and doesn't fit under the machine. A good example of what I'm trying to do is shown in this photo. I'd like to have a flat seam on both sides of the bag if possible. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  11. As far as I know, it is a medium duty flat bed machine. It is the heaviest of the 211 U machines, and has a fairly high presser foot clearance (I don't know the exact numbers off the top of my head though). Here is a video of the same type of machine if you're interested: Also, here is a link to the user manual: http://www.manualslib.com/products/Singer-211u566a-353178.html Thanks again for looking.
  12. Just a quick update: all machines have sold except for the Singer 211. It is still available.
  13. @yourforeversummer I'm in the northeast corner of Columbus, OH
  14. I have tried using a screw on binder with my Consew 206RB, but haven't been too pleased with the results. It is a double fold straight on seam binder. I also have some custom Dan Ray binder attachments for my Durkopp Adler 269-373 that each have their own throat plate and presser foot. I'd like to use grosgrain webbing or similar to bind interior seams. I have some 1" leather binding that I have yet to use.
  15. I am curious if anyone knows of any resources out there that can help me learn how to use my edge binders. I am trying to teach myself, but that is only getting me so far. I'm hoping to learn how to use an edge binder to conceal interior seams, as well as raw exterior edges. I have a number of binding attachments, but I am not sure that I am capable of figuring out how to use them to their fullest. Anything from videos, to websites or youtube links would be appreciated. Thanks!
  16. Here are some photos of the machines. Thanks for looking.
  17. Ferg- You're probably right. Life's been bringing a few extra things my way the past few weeks, and I've had to put these guys on the back burner. Sent some photos your way just now. Thanks again.
  18. @piheart I still have it. I have a couple of people interested in the Fortuna, but nothing on the Consew yet.
  19. I'd for sure be willing to figure something out. I am currently away from home but I'll look at them and get the model types posted when I get back this weekend. I've had some interest in the Fortuna already, but nothing is confirmed sold as of yet. I'll keep you posted on that progress as well. I'd for sure be willing to figure something out. I am currently away from home but I'll look at them and get the model types posted when I get back this weekend. I've had some interest in the Fortuna already, but nothing is confirmed sold as of yet. I'll keep you posted on that progress as well. Sorry for the weird double reply.
  20. Selling several really nice sewing machines. Message me if interested. See the forum.

  21. I have several sewing machines for sale. All are in good working order and all but one (Merrow Overlock) come with table and motor. All of the motors are clutch motors. If you are interested in photos, please me me know and I can post them or send them to you. They are in the process of being cleaned, so they aren't the most presentable currently, but I'd be glad to show them anyhow. These machines are available for pickup in Columbus, OH. They are listed with prices below: Pfaff 555-H3-731 Post Bed Machine $1200 Singer 168 Flatbed $600 Singer 168W101 Post Bed Machine $1000 (comes with standard slide plate and 3 binding attachment plates) Fortuna Skiver $400 Consew Skiver $400 Singer 211 U566A $700 Merrow Overlock 3DW-4 $300
  22. Thank you, Constabulary. Really appreciate your help. I've been in contact with the folks at Weaver, but have yet to hear back from them about some of the other parts that I am looking for. The machine was set up for mostly edge binding, and has an aftermarket fitting around the slide plate and throat cover. It came with several binder attachments from Dan Ray in Massachusetts, but the owner did not have the original hardware any longer. I'm trying to track down replacements or find out what it might cost to reorder them. Thankfully the machine is running well, otherwise it would be a complete headache.
  23. Can anyone help me with information about what type of presser feet I can use on the Adler 269-373? Does it take 111 or some other style? Also, does anyone know which machines are 269 clones? Thanks!
  24. Put a servo and speed reducer on mine, and have been very pleased with it as well! The old clutch motor was always off to the races for me.
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