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  1. I have no idea. Probably going to stick with a touring bike or a cruiser. If for no other reason, to keep the insurance cost low.
  2. I came very close to finishing my first real leather project. I made a cell phone case from a Tandy kit and a pocket holster for my Taurus .380, but this is my first taking it from a piece of veg tan to a darn near finished project. Gave my best shot at tooling the eagle and flag and I got along pretty well at doing the lacing. I believe it's a Mexican Round Braid. Mixed a couple of brown dyes because I didn't have enough of either color to do it alone. I put a coat of olive oil on the whole thing before I stained it to avoid having oil spots because while I was braiding I spilled oil on it while lubing up my lace. Anyway...after applying a couple of coats of SuperSheen I attached 4 magnetic snaps for a removable pouch to be made later. Put it on my 2004 Kawasaki Nomad on Sunday and proceeded to total my bike on Thursday. Probably wont get another Nomad, even though I loved the bike. Just going to try something different because I can.
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