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  1. Hi. This Southern woman is finally traveling to Colorado to visit the Denver and Boulder areas and maybe Estes Park and Ft. Collins if I have enough time. I've got 5 days. Any suggestions on shops, suppliers, general stores, etc. that I should visit? I want to walk in somewhere and just SMELL LEATHER. LOL. Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. I have a vintage Brother sewing machine that was made in Japan. It was my mother's....think it was purchased in late 50's or early 60's. I have accessories with extra feet and bobbins. I don't have any place to set it up, so that is the only reason I am selling. I have tried to find a price on ebay but haven't found anything, so make me an offer plus shipping!
  3. Here is his Facebook page. He has 10 photos with pictures of his shotgun shell collars. They seem to be REAL shotgun shell brass casings with the primer removed. They are NOT replica conchos. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Grizzly-Gear/413748342054689
  4. LOL....OMG....if Tandy just put the conchos on sale for me, I will just crack up! Awesome! Let's all buy some and make some hatbands, belts, wristcuffs and dog collars!!!! WOOHOO!
  5. Oh, and by the way, I have not responded to him since he threatened me with his attorney. The funny thing is, he obviously didn't even read my previous email because I said the 1 collar I had made, which I since removed from my Etsy store, so I'm not in violation of anything.
  6. ADMIN: Is there a place available where we can take this thread offline? My neighborhood forum has a thread called "The Insiderdome" that people have to request access to and comments in it are offline and not viewable to non-members nor the internet. I would like to speak more freely and put in what I really think, but I am keeping this to facts and professionalism as it is viewable on the internet. Anyone who would like to discuss more via email, feel free to email me at: hellcatleathers@gmail.com or info@hellcatleathers.com With that being said. I found Adam Benjamin's Facebook page. I can't post a link here now (FB is blocked here) but I can tell you it is "GRIZZLY COLLARS" and the profile pic is a Rottweiler dog with a collar. He has 10 pics posted and his collars look nothing like my one collar did. Will try and post this evening when I get home. His email is: grizzlycollars@yahoo.com I can't find any other website or online store. No Etsy store either. By the way, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your thoughts, opinions and advice on this matter. I have never experienced such a community as I have on this site...it's nice for someone to have your back. Thank y'all!
  7. Attorneys aren't free, even when you work with them. I did ask for a reference for a patent attorney, specifically...just haven't heard back yet.
  8. I received another email from Adam today: "Again any type of band ie bracelet, collar, belt, hatband, choker, guitar strap, gun strap, with the round end of a bullet in any way used in the making. currently you are making dog collars with a 12 ga concho, that or anything like that. Pat # D677 191. I am a very busy person, look it up on the USPTO website if you want to see the drawings. This is the last of my communication to you. If necessary the next response will be a notice from my lawyer. Please take any reference to my product off the websites, and cease to manufacter any product that consist of any kind of band with bullet elements that are facing forward.Thank You." I was angry at this point. I emailed Tandy Leather on their website and would you believe that I actually got a response within a couple hours? I even got an email this evening from the Senior Vice President. He thanked me for my email and asked that I give him a day or two and he would get back with me. In the meantime, I received an email from a fellow leatherworker that Adam had also emailed. Paul from M&F Western Products. He emailed Adam the following: Dear Adam, We have been doing a band with spaced bullet cartridge elements in various forms for approximately 10 years which would predate your patent filing. It looks like you are the one infringing upon M & F Western Products. If you would like you can have your patent attorney call me. Thanks Paul Eddins M & F Western Product LOL. So at this point, I'm going to see what Tandy says and I think I'm not going to respond to him any further.
  9. Awesome! Great design! Love the pitty too! I have a little red-nosed girl myself...named her NOLA. She's a big kisser. Now I need to make her a harness!
  10. Okay, he wrote me back the following: "At the moment I too make all of my products by hand. I drive an 89 Nissan pick up. A few years ago I began the patent process, knowing as time went on that people were begining to make my product but under the advise of my lawyers I have waited until the patent was completely finished to begin this end of the process. If you would like to continue to carry this design I am willing to license you to do so if we can come to agreeable terms. Thank You." I then responded with: "Hi Adam, You haven't provided me with copies of your patent papers which should include pictures and exact specifications of your "design". How can I stop making them if I don't even know what they look like? I might not even be making your design. I am sure I can find them online, but since you brought this to everyone's attention, it would be nice if you provided the documentation you say you have. Please don't waste my time or the time of the other leather workers you emailed. Time is money. By the way, my full time job is at a law firm, so I am a little familiar with the patent process. Please provide the info I requested, and I won't make your design going forward. No problem. Thanks, Maria" He then responded with: "My patent is for a band having spaced bullet cartridge elements as the attachment that I put on the last email would explain. I sent you another copy of my Issuance Notification, with the patent number on it, the actual Ribbon is sent in physical form. You are correct that it is public information, and you can look up the specifics yourself if you would like. Ill simplify it a bit for you though, any type of band that has bullet cartridge elements on it, ie... dog collars with shotgun shell conchos in any size or variation, belts, hatband, etc. On a personal note dont tell me what to do with my time, I too am a leather worker, I also build houses, and have a family, so I know full well the value of time. Thank you and have a pleasant day." I then responded with: "Hi Adam,I didn't get the first attachment, so thanks for sending it again. Upon reviewing it, it isn't a copy of your patent...it is a copy of the patent issuance letter. I still don't know what your item looks like. Since you hold a "design patent" it is imperative to know what the design actually looks like so I can ensure I don't replicate it. Can you please provide a picture of your design? Thanks! So....long story short....he's just fishing for licensing fees and hasn't provided any photos of his "design" at all! Aggravating to have to waste time on this.
  11. Thanks y'all for all the advice and comments. I work at a law firm, so I'm going to talk to one of our attorneys. If he was a leatherworker, you would think he would have a website somewhere. I have a hunch he's looking for a payout. I made one collar for one customer and I haven't even sold it. I might just remove it from my Etsy page and put it on one of my dogs and call it a day. LOL.
  12. Hey y'all! I just thought I'd bring this to your attention. This morning, I received an email from a "Adam Benjamin" at grizzlycollars@yahoo.com. He forwarded one email to about 7 different makers and I was one of them. I've never heard of this guy, he's not on any of the Facebook leather pages I am on and I couldn't find him on here either. Anyway, he wrote me an email which said: "My name is Adam Benjamin. I currently hold a Design Patent for a product that you are manufacturing. Please contact me as soon as possible regarding this matter. I would willing to discuss a amicable solution, I look forward to hearing from you. Thank You." And I responded with this: "Hi Adam, I am a hobbyist leathersmith, so I don't do this full time or own a shop. Please email me several pictures, a description of your product with size and material specifications and copies of your patent records and I will gladly take a look at them. Every item I make is by hand one at a time. I so not use patterns or templates nor so I mass-manufacture anything. I am pretty sure we're not even in the same league, but I'll take a look at what you are referring to. Thanks! Maria" So I'm waiting to hear how he replies. In the meantime, I can't find a website for him anywhere...no Etsy store either. So I went to the patent office online and started researching. The guy actually has a patent for a "band with spaced bullet cartridge elements". So it's just a band with evenly spaced 12 gauge shotgun conchos you can buy from Tandy and about a hundred other places. I wonder if he even makes these or is he one of those people who patent a bunch of simple objects and then gets in touch with people who unknowingly make them and then he says "we can take care of this amicably" and then wants a percentage of your profits. I am attaching the copy of the patent I found online. The funny thing is, I didn't even infringe on his patent as my collar has brass dome rivets in-between each concho and I only have (1) of them for sale in my Etsy shop. So, I'm just letting everyone know, don't bother making a plain dog collar with evenly spaced shotgun conchos on it, because this guy will contact you. Thanks. Anybody have this happen before?
  13. A man wanted his ranger belt shortened by 1.5". He specified that in an email. He wanted it cut out of the middle of the belt and sewn back together. I told him I thought that would sacrifice the integrity of the belt since it was one solid piece of leather. I suggested he take it off the tapered/hole end. He said okay. I charged him $15, did it and shipped it back. His WIFE called me today to tell me he wants his money back and I didn't do what he told me to do. She was rude, loud, and was looking for an argument. I told her something like: "Well, your husband is my customer and he and I discussed numerous times via email what he wanted and I did what he paid me to do. I'm sorry you don't like it. I'll gladly refund you the $15." That shut her up. Then I called my customer, the husband. He was as nice as can be. I don't think he knew his wife called me. I think she was pissed off he spent "alot of money" on his ranger belt and then when it didn't fit properly, he blamed it on me. He said he recently lost a lot of weight and couldn't wear the belt, so he needed it altered as the company he ordered it from wouldn't take a return. So, a belt maker that doesn't take returns and a pissed off wife, and I get the blame. Nice. Oh well, I'll think of it like this....I'm paying them $15 not to be my customer again. Have any of you given returns for any repairs?
  14. Now that is what I want my wallets to look like! Perfect!
  15. I've made about 5 of these so far and I think they get better looking each time. I hate hand-stitching though so I'm saving up for a machine. Anyone else make these? I'm wet-molding the leather around the phone, putting it in a vacuum ziploc, and then using a foodsaver vacuum to suck all the air out....gives a pretty good impression. I could improve my punching the stitching holes and sewing. Any suggestions on what you use?
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