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  1. These things are works of art. The art of looking good while working. Love them.
  2. Could you please let me peek as well? I want in.
  3. Very stable lathe and very sharp tools. I wouldn't dream of turning this thin. The thing would blow up on me and pieces would be flying with a plethora of religious words. Even if I am a wood turner, I'm not trying to match your tool. It's easier and quicker for me to just buy them. Order was placed yesterday.
  4. As hobbies, I am a woodturner as well as a leatherworker and the Salad Bowl finish would be available anywhere wood turning tools are sold. The ones that I know who carry it would be Lee Valley in Canada and Penn State Industries (well) in the States. The Lee Valley is just a wax so may not be what you are looking for. The Penn State does cure so I figure it would be more adequate as a hot liquid finish. Another thing that I have learned is that an epoxy finish (such as Envirotex) can be victim to a very powerful solvent which is phenol. Phenol is present in wines that are less than a year to a year and a half old. If you drink wine in a epoxy finished glass, it will have a very strong taste of epoxy. That was reported to me by a professional wood turner with numerous wooden wine glasses sold all over the world. He has never had any problems with his glasses except when used with "new" wines. I thought I would share that with you.
  5. I still have boxes but I started using tubes stacked one on top of another. In there I roll my scraps so that at a glance I can tell what is the color and type of leather sticking out. There is some loss in between the tubes but if I have a thin leather, I try to roll it and stick it in these little interstice (it's English, I checked). I can then cover them with a curtain. To make a very bad pun. I roll it tight and stick it where the sun don't shine. And it's a good thing.
  6. Is that for LARP or for SCA type arrows? I thought it was big for a hunting or even a 3D-competition quiver. Is the other "pouch" for the boffer weapon?
  7. What do you mean your style? Hell, this is top notch work. Not surprised you won. I haven`t seen good looking frog like that often. They remind me of frogs by Peter Main. And I`m not making the comparison lightly.
  8. The question might have seemed a little bit weird but there are sharpening helpers that you place between the blade and the sharpening surface (such as those for plane irons or the one for swivel blades). I just wanted to make sure that I understood exactly what you meant. As a wood turner, I might try that.
  9. Is that tool used above the blade? Or, does it go between the blade and the sander? I'm not sure I understand how to use it.
  10. They look great. If you came up with the scroll work, then congratulation on these designs. Anyway, your tooling is great. My favorite is the board pouch.
  11. These books are a set that does come on special regularly. And when on special, they sometimes have a bundle price if you do buy all three. I already have the first two and I agree that they do have a lot of information on how to do stuff that isn't related to cases. These books are some of the best leatherworking books around. The one that I find is a must for every starting leatherworker is The Leathercrafts Tools book. You just can't do without this one. Both as a book on techniques, what tools to buy and how to use them. The other one that I really like is the Art of Hand Sewing. Just my 2 cents.
  12. Dude, with the quality and beauty of this armor. Why would you want it to be the last one and deprive people of owning such a work of art? Aside from the fact that there seems to be a lot of tooling on this thing. Just the background is extensive work...
  13. I'm always in awe at what Mr Main can come up with. By Jove, I think the inside of his belts surpass by a strong margin the outside of 80% of the belts out there. I'm always impressed by the attention to detail and the artistry of these projects. I always think that the projects are great but then I'll catch a little detail that will just blow me away. Thanks a lot for keeping the bar to such an awesome level.
  14. WOW. My son who collects dragons would LOVE that belt. I like the touch where the dragon claws are "over" the stiching.
  15. I do have the pack and I've never actually opened it. Guess I'll have to do that this week-end. Have you ever had a Period Pattern? If you are interested in that period, the patterns actually come with a lot of historical information to document their choice in patterns. So you don`t just have the pattern but the source and date of that particular pattern. For some people, that's very important. If you're the type that likes to tinker by making their own pattern, I'm not sure the pattern is worth it. If you're not the type to make patterns or want to have something that is historically accurate (or at least properly researched), I think the package is worth it. There are other patterns on the net for pouches for free and you can easily "inspire" yourself by looking at other pouches on the net. Here is a tutorial with pictures (it`s in French) about making an "aumoniere" (or large pouch) if you want a free pouch pattern that looks medieval Trollcalibur: Aumoniere tutorial. It`s from a LARP site but I've worn by pouch in a number of medieval events with compliments on my pouch.
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