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  1. I just noticed this yesterday too. The price is a bit on the high side. I can still order from Abbey with 2 day DHL shipping cheaper... not sure why they have priced it so high.
  2. Sort of... the $16 is British Pounds... so its $25 US Dollars a spool of 500 meters... and that's if you are a business and get the wholesale account. 2 spools to the door is about $42 each, about $84 total. Same with the shipping, its in Pounds not dollars, and if you go over $200 US dollars, you pay another 11% tax and $10 to DHL. You can get to $200 pretty quick. I think I said it before, use RMLeather to get your samples for color and/or size, and if you are only going to do a couple items, once you find what you want, order from Abby. RMLeather list the cards at 25 Meters, I think I have ordered 12-15 cards from them. I checked the first order and it was over 25 Meters. Did not see a need to check after that. I still think its a good deal for samples and small items for hobbyist. donovan
  3. Very impressive! Wow! That is the work of a true leather artist. I am humbled at this type of work. I make simple book covers, journals, wallets...from Utility oil hides, latigo and vegtan... no real tooling on my work. I recently bought some tooling tools and picked up some second hand tools through a friend. Someday I hope to be able to pull off something like that. Its not really my style, but I still want to be able to do the work! :-) donovan
  4. I have not ordered from leathercrafttools.com, but how can you get better shipping price than FREE, goods Japan has always sent my order Free shipping! That is one of the things they are know for, free world wide shipping. I have three different brands that I use, I prefer the ones that have been sold on Amazon and Ebay, if you search amazon for NuoYa001 Pro Line Pro Stitch Leather and NuoYa001 Leather Craft Punches Stitching These are the two styles I have been using for about a year steady now. The pro line (first one) is very nice and works very well, I usually only use it on 1.0-1.6mm leather with Tiger 0.6 thread... don't know the size punch I have but its similar to the 3mm punchs, the marks are very much like a Blanchard(sp) or Dixon... you only mark the leather, you don't punch all the way through. The second ones I have 3mm, 4mm and 5mm sizes, I ordered the full sets too. I may have had to go on ebay to get the 10 hole punchs... don't remember. I use the 3mm for Tiger 0.06mm, 4mm for Tiger 0.08mm... I have not use the 5mm yet, but I think that is what I would use for Tiger 1.0mm. donovan
  5. Just order it from AbbyEngland, shipping is very reasonable pricing. My order was 22 GBP ($32) with DHL and 3 days to Texas. I don't remember the exact number, but I think they can get 6 or 7 rolls in that same box. I would only order from ebay and etsy if you are wanting size/color samples. or you only need a few meters for a single project.
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