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  1. I'm sorry nobearsyet but I can just picture someone on a horse having that problem. Thanks for the chuckle of the day. Sorry I got a laugh at your expense.
  2. Bruce you was talking about accidents. You do get a little shy once you hit the ground or get hurt. I had one throw me. It took 6 mo. a surgery and 3 screws (which are still there) to put my arm back together. Was leary for several years after that. Still leary of some young colts and horses that don't give me an easy feeling. I am sure all those that ride have been there. You get a second sense about horses if you have been around them for a while. Call it an inner voice, common sense or what ever you want. I learned the hard way to listen to mine. Yes, Josh this has been a good thread
  3. I would tell friends of the beautiful things I had seen on horseback. They finally got enough of it and told me to take a camera. They wanted to see those scenes too. Now I usually have a camera with me. With digital camera's (not the expensive ones) you can pick and choose the pics you like and get rid of the ones you don't. Heck even the throw aways are good cameras for something like that. One time we was riding and right off to the left of us was this buck deer. Beautiful. He just stood there and watched us. Things like that are heaven to me. I love riding my horse away from civilization. Out in the woods just me, my horse and all of God's creation. So relaxing.
  4. Well said Justin. Josh slip a camera in your saddle bag. Have it ready for the next time. That had to be an awesome scene.
  5. Now this is probably a silly question but do they put them in there pockets? If not you might want to put a snap, chain or clip on them. something to that affect so they can carry them on there belt or belt loops. Just a thought.
  6. check out these youtube tutorials of hand sewing. 2 different styles.
  7. Welcome to the forum Melanie from another Hooiser. We also like the western wear and horses here.
  8. The spurs look great. Wow what kinda camera are you using? It takes pictures in the future and sends them back to the past! Cool camera. (Sorry couldn't resist the date is 11/27/2037 on the photo)
  9. Quilters plastic here as well. works great.
  10. Kani

    Mirror just Finished

    I really like it. You did a very good job on it. Now can you explain to us what all you did as far as the leather goes. If you don't mind that is. thanks
  11. Good work Josh. Looking better all the time.
  12. Sorry it's Leathercraft Cement. Thanks I'll try what you've all suggested.
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