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  1. I am looking for a vendor of 1.5" belt buckles made of stainless steel. Any direction is appreciated. Thanks !
  2. TinkerTailor, No, the back is evenly smooth across the back. I do like that about the SLC blanks, they are very clean on the back. And I understand what you're saying about the edge and the width of the buckle, but what about in the center of the belt? If it's a solid piece of leather, why would the top layer wrinkle like this?
  3. TinkerTailor, Can you explain wet forming the belt? I understand the concept of wet forming, but specifically in this application, how does it help? What would I do? And with finishes, I've been using Tandy Water Pro Dyes, so I have been spraying the belt with water, then dye, resolene, and aussie. At which point would additional softening by done? Thanks again!
  4. Hello all. I've been trying to learn leather work and have been enjoying making belts. I have tried Tandy blanks and SLC Hermann Oak blanks but I keep running in to this same problem. I get this wrinkling where the buckle rubs the belts. The reason I'm asking is I've seen Saddleback belts that don't look like this on the surface after use. I understand the belt will wear in over time, but this looks like some kind of delaminating. Just looking for some wisdom. Thanks In advance for your help!
  5. cantu59

    Horween Clutch

    looks great! where do you buy your horween?