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  1. This Tangleboss was given to me as a gift, but I already bought one. List for $140. Heres your chance to get one, never used, for $115.
  2. The best floral carving video out there. Over 6 hours of instruction. $150
  3. I have six Beard smooth pearshaders. #1-6 for $235 & shipping. Rick. fleurdeliscustoms@hotmail.com
  4. Both Feather Bevellers and #2 hair are sold
  5. This has been laying around the shop for awhile, Only thing I see is the little plastic knob on the end of the handle appears to have been super glued, but it seems pretty solid. $25 & shipping
  6. These were gifts that I never used because I carve all my letters. $35.00 a set & shipping
  7. Will take $40 apiece if anyones interested if not guess I gotta put em on feebay
  8. I am selling the following Beard stamps for the widow of a friend. These are in great shape and $50 apiece & shipping. HB1 Hair Blade stamp; HB2 Hair Blade stamp; HB3 Hair Blade stamp; MF Mule Foot (1/16); FB feather beveller right; FB feather beveller left; E1 Eyeball stamp; M1 Matter (checkered); PS7 verticle lined pear shader
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