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  1. Not a thread about diagnosing skipped stitches. We all know they can be caused by all kinds of factors, timing/tension/thread type/cement etc... But once you notice there is a skipped stitch, what do you all usually do about it? Leave it? Stitch over it? Undo/restitch? I get maybe one skipped stitch out of hundreds of other stitches (and of course they always occur when I'm actually working on a piece, after practicing on loads of scrap) and it still bothers me to no end. Just wanted to pick the brains of others who this may happen too...
  2. Hi. Located in Waco, TX. Need to make room for cylinder arm so letting go of my beloved Juki. Purchased from sewing machine warehouse in Dallas and had a speed reducer installed by sunny sewing in Dallas. Looking to get $1450 obo Pics
  3. Hello. I have a set of Blanchard irons #9. 10,4,2 and 4 tooth inverse. Retails for $499 new. Looking to get $350 shipped in the CONUS https://imgur.com/a/Jqjo9Xn
  4. Hello all. For your consideration is a Campbell-Randall Electric creaser/fileteuse with a variety of tips. Tips are as follows 1) Tip similar to F series tips that creates a ~2mm crease 2) Tip similar to above but ~1.5mm crease -I think some of the threads inside of this tip is misaligned. It works completely fine and heats up correctly but does not screw down all the way 3) Tip similar to S series which can act as free hand crease maker or wax spatula 4) thread sealer but I also used to to polish small holes in leather like watch strap holes 5) edge polisher https://imgur.com/a/VMHTvBm for pictures Retails for $225 + $42/ Tip I’m looking to get $220 for the complete set shipped within the CONUS. Ask any questions. International customers we can split the shipping cost
  5. Hello, I recently purchased this pattern http://www.leathercraftpattern.com/leather-downloadable-patterns/Leather-bag-patterns/leather-backpack-satchel-pattern-pdf-download-ACC-101 and while they did come with patterns for all pieces involved, I have a question in regards to construction. This is one of the first bags I'll be making; in the past I have made tote bags by cutting out one piece, sewing inside out and then turning it right side out. However this pattern has a separate back, front and bottom. Any makers out there with experience making bags have any recs on how I can tackle this pattern? If I have a bottom, back and front what would be the best step by step of connecting these three pieces? Thanks in advance!
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