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  1. I just purchased a 111w155 last month. I am having moderate success controlling the speed of the machine by putting a ball under the petal, however, I am still interested in a servo motor and speed reducer per this websites recommendations. My questions are why would I need both? Can I just buy one or the other to reduce the speed and are there certain brands or models that work best with this machine? Thanks, Heather
  2. I just bought this machine on Monday for making moccasins and thin sandals. I am new to leather working as well as new to sewing in general. Overall, I am pretty happy with the machine. However, regardless of how I adjust the tension, the bobbin thread shows on top. Can anyone tell me what might be the problem? My first guess is that the bobbin tension needs to be adjusted but I am relatively clueless and I would love some advice before a mess anything up by tinkering with the machine. Thanks ahead for any advice!
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