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  1. Thank you Dieter. I will try to see if I can get this from the seller
  2. Hi all, Need your help again please. I am very new to sewing machine, I found this Pfaff 335 online: I contacted the seller and was told that the machine is brand new. I am wondering if you can advise me what subclass this is, and tip on how to check if the machines are genuinely made not a counterfeit or used. How could I check that? Also where can I find technical info on this machine? I downloaded a leaflet but it doesn't say much sadly. I told the seller that I am planning to sew 3/8" max (veg tan leather + fabric) he doesn't seem to think it will take that thickness? Many thanks!
  3. Blanket

    Juki 441 Cylinder Arm Sewing Machine For Sale

    Hi is this machine still available? Can I have your price please? Thanks!
  4. Blanket

    Juki 441 Clone Versus Adler 205-370

    I cannot agree with you more especially the third lesson, I still don't know how I managed to sew my finger a while back but I will not do it again. LOL
  5. Hi Ron, thanks! Hi Constabulary, below is very educational. I appreciate your view on this, that's a lot of dedication you put in I must say. I do not know sewing machine well enough to restore one so I will not go down this route. I would love to be able to do what you do though, maybe one day - Thanks again!
  6. Constabulary, do you know anything about Sieck? I have never heard of them until you mentioned. Are they any good? Would love to hear your thought. Also I read your topic about 133k. One of the shop that offers me new machines also has an old rusty looking Singer 133k listed, it's very old. But I heard these last as long as half a mans lifetime, is it worth considering? How difficult is it to fix up a used machine? Many thanks.
  7. That sounds sweet. I read review on Highlead and other Chinese made clone machines that they require setting up from the box, is that true? Also can you let me know if you also have a 441 type clone? Many thanks.
  8. Thank you, Ron. The trouble of importing machine from outside EU is the duty and VAT that I don't know how much the customs here are going to charge me for it. Also, does your machine require any set up by technician out of the box before use? I dont think finding a technician locally will be possible.
  9. Blanket

    Highlead Gc2698-1

    Betty, I am so glad you started this thread. ashleyuk, I had a quote from them and was told in the email 'All in-stock today with best price promise.' it does sound cheesy to be honest. I am glad you shared your experience here! now, Gregg, I have a question for you, re your post: I am in the process of finding my first machine, due to the location (Ireland) it will not be possible for any company in the UK to deliver the machine themselves, I would imagine they will just use a courier to deliver the box, how do I go about installing the machine myself if I buy one of these Highlead ones? is that even an option to DIY?? can you also recommend a machine that doesnt need a set up before use??
  10. i just had a chance to look at the photo of your work, I am impressed!
  11. Hi Techsew Ron, Spinner and Constabulary, thank you all for this. Too bad there are no Techsew nor Cowboy machines that I can find around here (Ron, have you got a UK dealer?) but it may be that I haven't looked deep enough.. Will keep looking.
  12. Hi Tejas, your spreadsheet is brilliant! Thank you so much. I think I do need to do the same. I managed to copy your checklist without a problem so I have my spreadsheet now. I have seen this term 'Foot raise', but I never knew what it means and difference it can make, can you help?
  13. Hello everyone, My first post ever. I am very new to leather crafting, so forgive me I do not speak mechanic language. I have decided to join this forums after reading Wizcrafts's The Type Of Sewing Machine You Need To Sew Leather I learnt a lot from it but I cannot make up my mind which machine that will be suitable for me. Here is my situation: I am sewing leather bag, purse, clutch bags, tote bags etc, using 1-5oz leather with fabric so about 1/4" including the fabric lining for the body, about 3/8" max for straps/handle/thick joints I use veg tanned top grain leather (not sure if that makes any difference to picking a machine?) I am based in Ireland so I have very limited options/choices available to consider I have decided a cylinder arm, walking foot with compound feed will be good for my needs, so I have ruled out any flat bed or post arm machines. I am seeking your advice/opinion on the following machines, one of which I will (hopefully) end up buying: Durkopp Adler 669 - 180010 E3 Durkopp Adler 69 / 069 subclass unknown (Used) perhaps you can tell by this photo? It was listed with 6 months warranty. Highlead GC2698-1BN Highlead GC2268 Consew 277R-3 Juki TSC-441 Juki DSC-244 / DSC-245 / DSC-246 - I don't know what the differences between these three are?? They have the same info on seller's website Juki LS-1341 Can you please let me know what you think about the above and based on my requirements and which would you prefer to go with if it was you? And if not to much to ask, can you also help me with the following questions: what machine needle and thread size is suitable for stitching double layers of veg tanned 4-5oz leather straps/handle? what needle and thread size is best for single layer veg tanned 4-5oz with medium weight fabric? I have been hand stitching and as much as I enjoy hand stitching I would love to get the basic putting the pieces together done quicker on a machine. Many thanks in advance.