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  1. It dosnt bead up...goes on just fine, dies fine, but when it gets wet it rubs off.
  2. I've do two projects now that I've used fiebings edge kote on and both times it comes off when wet. I burnish the edge then apply the black edge kote...am I doin this right or what's the deal?
  3. It's just regular waxed linen and it's a cross stitch. A friend want me to recover the seat and that's all I had. I do want to learn lacing tho. But for what kangaroo lace cost I didn't want to mess it up. I know what your talking about with the antique stuff but I don't have any...kinda just starting leather working. Thank you for the feed back tho
  4. I know it's just a passenger seat but it's a hand stitched. It was a learning experience. Let me know what yall think.
  5. Im just using regular waxed linen and doing a cross stitch...I guess I could do the same with lacing but I don't have the tools to do lacing yet. He wanted to keep the factory foam in it so it's like 4" tall.
  6. How do you keep from having a bulky seam with the thicker leather?
  7. Recovering a "bitch pad" with veg tanned leather. Has any one done this with a heavier leather and if so could you post some pics or give some pointers?
  8. Im gonna be doing small detail work...I don't want to pay out $40 for a 1/8" blade. Do you think a razor knife would work?
  9. What would that be in mm's? Im thinking about using red instead of usual white.
  10. What size thread do you use for hand gun holsters?
  11. I've been tooling for a few weeks now and I think im doing pretty good. My problem is im not a good enough artist to draw my own template to trace onto the leather, I have to rely on printing pics off line . Does anyone else have this problem, or is it that big of a problem?
  12. Wanting to make wallets but not sure what kind and thickness would be good...need some help.
  13. I've only been tooling for a couple weeks and not doing to bad. A friend commented on a pic of a piece I did and wanted to know if I would do something for a 72 panhead he's redoing. I'm not sure if im up to doing a paying project yet, but also don't want to miss a chance of getting my name out there and possible more paying work. What would ya'll do?
  14. 4th project ive done. Used black marker for the ace.
  15. I was thinking if I tried a larger pattern it might be better...those are only about 2 1/2 by 2 1/2 inches. But thanks for the feed back.
  16. These are my first two tries at leather carving. I need some feed back, and dont sugar coat it.
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