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  1. Sorry no could not figure it out. Just have tons q.5in belt buckles n rollsd buckles sorry for late reply
  2. I have taken ton of pictures and keeps saying file to big.
  3. Sorry i forgot to take pics. I will tomorrow and try to repost
  4. I have a box about 20lbs of slotted conchos, my grandfather passed away several years ago and i have no use for them, i dont use conchos. They look brand new high polished. Is there any intrest in selling them and also how would i price them. Thanks.
  5. Ok thanks and what needle n thread size would i use. Ive never used a sewing machine before, ive always hand sewn. Thanks for your time.
  6. Just blanks from springfield leather. What model baracudda from home depot. Thanks
  7. I was wondering if this machine will work fine for belts and wallets, budget and space limited. Thanks
  8. I live in Illinois and ONLY want ti do wallets and id holders. Thanks.
  9. Ok thanks and any specific model, ive never used a sewing machine before
  10. Hi sorry im sure this has been answered somewhere but whats a good sewing machine for a light leatherwork, basically wallets thats all. Thanks.
  11. Hi guys and gals. I really wanna try and make a motorcycle seat using my stock 2003 vtx1800c seat. What,be easiest way,to go about this. I made a fork tool bag that came out pretty nice and I wanna try a seat. Any pointers or does anyone have a pattern. I really appreciate it.
  12. Hi guys I'm new to leather working and I make mostly wallet/I'D cases. My stepdad is selling me his 2000 honda spirit 1100 and I wanna redo the seat and do a little tooling on it. Was wondering what ounce leather and hiw would I stitch the leather together. I know this probably sounds dumb to some people but I was curious on how to stitch together and measure or just wet mold it. Thanks in advance guys. I'm still learning and I've learned alot already from this site.
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