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  1. His patterns are top notch IMO. Very detailed, enough patterns included to do it for most any gun that fits the genre. My first CAS rig was set from the Johnny Ringo pattern pack.
  2. Pinewood Derby Shield - that's awesome! Well done, well done indeed. I'm already looking at the wife's extra 'closet space bags' wheels are turning, ideas ideas ideas...! Thanks for the tutorial, Dwight! And good tip, too, ChiefJason!
  3. I don't have a pattern, but I found a picture of the back of it, if it helps...
  4. http://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/72217-tooled-45-lc-rig/ I'm about to start cutting my leather for this one and the bleed knot keeper is going on mine, too!
  5. Ooh, thanks for the gypsy snaps. Hadn't seen those before!
  6. Oooh, I have interest in the .45 Shield! Thanks to Glockanator for the Laser/shield. I was hoping someone would do a version like that. Where is the shield 9/40 holster? I found the mag case, but not the holster
  7. My my my, those are right purdy. I like how the reinforcing piece on the pink holster is burnished to lie against the body of the holster, that's sharp! The question I have is how LONG is that piece of hose that you are using as a spacer? I've got all the pieces, but I am leery of guessing how long to make it should I get it wrong and have to disassemble it to get the right piece back in there (Rest assured, that would be the time my stitching comes out looking good!) That pink is spot on. Fabulous job, as always. Red Bear
  8. I grabbed up my nephew one day when he was still in diapers still and popped all the snaps on the legs of the overalls and he came right out the bottom. I had an empty sack and he ran off in just diapers and a shirt.
  9. My question is... How thick do you make the bushing? Give or take. I also like the idea of putting the tension at the 'bottom end.' I just think it looks better, but I would like to know any better reasons for doing it.
  10. Boots. Combat boots. The regulations used to say something to the effect of 'well blackened.' Fiebings USMC black fit that bill perfectly.
  11. Every punch will need sharpening at sooner or later. I do not know about the HF punches but I do have the maxi punch set and I have sharpened every tube that came with it at some point. I am prone to cheating and chucking them in a drill press and stoning them while it spins. Slow speed, goodly amount of oil, and I run my finger on the other side of the tube so I can stop when it starts to warm up. No idea if it is still bad to do, but it appears to work quite well.
  12. Do your search through Google and add "Site:leatherworker.net" to the search, like this: tapadero site:leatherworker.net Should give you better results than the internal search engine here on site.
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