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  1. Here is another thread that was on presses I think most folks that are more hobby than pro may use an arbor press
  2. 5kg weight, not very heavy, depends on the use I guess 16mm stroke, not much space for a setting tool and material under it, but again it would depend on what you are doing with it
  3. That is a great tutorial I stumbled through balancing my stitch length and can see I missed a couple of steps Thanks for taking the time to record that
  4. gottaknow those machine run videos are great. Just amazing how fast they can pull fabric through and continue to humm
  5. http://www.woodcraft.com/Product/145465/ROSEWOOD-CUTTING-GAUGE.aspx?gclid=CjwKEAiApOq2BRDoo8SVjZHV7TkSJABLe2iDL6YuPIitCc3e5GnnZ4olqAPfSKCCcs1RQast48RGDxoCQf_w_wcB others are available I am sure but that is a place to start
  6. I stopped to look because of the thread title, Nice bit of work. Always interested in projects from other areas
  7. You certainly laid it all out there in a complete package How does the stepper motor torque compare to servo motor torque? 3 Nm vs ? With the coding all ready done, and the shopping list, it would not be hard to replicate. If the torques are similar to a servo motor, or better, the costs would rival a servo motor and speed reducer combined to refit a machine.
  8. All was centered before you changed to the new foot, correct? Possibly poor reproduction parts?
  9. I also like geeky stuff. That is pretty cool. I probably don't have the drive to develop anything like that but I do appreciate the function and can see the uses for it
  10. It's looking real good. It is amazing what 1 cog on the timing belt can do, subtle change, dramatic result. That's why I enjoy the search for perfection with these machines, and it is rewarding, at least to me
  11. Any progress report Uwe? I would enjoy a video on the top to bottom shaft timing and the presser foot bar setup I learn so much and it is a good production
  12. Beautiful piece of art, and quilted with love
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