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  1. Great photo! Thank you for doing that for us. Now to figure out how to use it to make great fur!
  2. OMG!!! The detail is INCREDIBLE!!!! There is so much more than I could see in the photos! Thank you so much for taking that video and posting it for all of us to see. I really look forward to your posts and I know others do to. The more the better when it come to your level of work. We can all appreciate and learn from it. Maybe some day you could do a video of you actually doing some tooling. You wouldn't even have to talk. Just watching you work would be amazing!
  3. I can't clearly see the top of this tool and if I enlarge it, it becomes blurry. Would you tell us more about your self-made tool? What did you start with and how did you alter it? Thanks!
  4. Lynxlady


    I've heard of that method of creating 3-D effects, but I've never seen it done. I'll take a look at the book online. I am most impressed with what you do on the surface of the leather. So much accurate detail! Just stunning work! Thank you for explaining. I'm already looking forward to your next masterpiece!
  5. Lynxlady


    Wow! This is incredible!!! It's even better than the lion pair which I thought was fantastic! I would so love to see how you work. <sigh>. What are leather inserts?
  6. Well, I wouldn't want to be responsible for a reaction like that! I'll be watching for future still shots of your work in progress! Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with us.
  7. Is there any chance that you might post a video of you working with those tools in the photo?
  8. Lynxlady

    Wild cats

    These are all wonderful! Keep those big cats coming! I really enjoy seeing your work.
  9. Lynxlady


    You got so much depth in that lion's mane. It makes me want to run my fingers thru it! Great job!
  10. I enjoyed the video very much. I hope you have many more planned. I just can't get enough of seeing your work. I am entranced by it!
  11. Lynxlady


    Amazing work! You are a true artist in every sense of the word!
  12. Beautifully done!!! Even the water is amazing!
  13. Absolutely STUNNING!!!!!!
  14. When you are using natural bees wax, straight from the beekeeper, do you need to combine it with parrafin wax for burnishing? If so, what is a good ratio? Thanks.
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