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  1. Great, thank you guys! I was thinking it'd probably be fine, but knowing that you guys have done it and can speak to the longevity of it, makes me feel a lot better. Thank you and God Bless as well!
  2. I have a question on snaps. I'm wanting to use a snap for a closure on the top of a simple leather tote bag I make, one like the picture I've attached (not by pic, photo creds to KMM and Co). For the bottom base, since the back of the base post will be seen, can I instead of using a base post, use the cap post with the base socket? So basically I'd be using two caps, but one with the regular socket, and the other with the base socket. I tried it on some scrap leather and it does work, but I'm just not sure about longevity...any thoughts? P.S. Or does anyone know of a supplier that makes such a snap? As I haven't found one that does. Thanks,
  3. Thank you for the info Matt. My machine goes hotter, but according to the manufactuer, it's not really good for it to go much above 450F. I just came to the conclusion that with the bigger logo die, that I just can't get it hot enough for the oil tanned leather. So, I played around with my Wickett and Craig English Bridle Leather and I got a nice deboss by wetting the leather first, letting it return to normal color, then debossing it for the lightest touch at 280F. It's definately a fine tuning process that takes patience. I need more patience. LOL
  4. Hardrada, I've thought about doing the same, my only concern was whether or not the oils from the oil tanned leather could seep into the vegetable tanned leather and make it blotchy. Have you had any problems with this long term at all? I can't go too high with my Kwikprint, otherwise the thing starts smoking! Toxo, by wrinkle around, I mean bending it back and forth...
  5. Hi, I'm trying to troubleshoot branding my logo into an oil tanned leather. When I brand it in I'm using my Kwikprint 55 machine with magnesium dies, temp set at 450F and dwelling for almost a minute. The branding turns out great at first but if I wrinkle around the leather at all, the nice dark area just disappears. It's like I just can't burn the leather enough, even at that high heat. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance, Lori
  6. Hi, Is that a leather die cutting press? If so, would you be willing to ship it within the U.S.? Also, how much for the Horween leather and stitching pony? Thank you and best of luck to your new open nights! It's always hard to leave something you've done and loved for a long time. Blessings, Lori
  7. Thank you for the pattern! Can't wait to try it! Lori
  8. Dwight, I use the Angelus Acrylic Finish Professional Grade finish. It seemed to be the leather that was cracking, as I could see the non-stained leather in the crack (and maybe staining versus dying is a whole different path to troubleshoot). Or would the finish cause this? I have wetted the leather and then bent it (specifically when making my key fobs) but the problem I ran into there is that they seemed to end up really stiff. Maybe I was using too much water...? Regards, Lori
  9. Thank you for the replies so far. I started out not oiling my journals, but sometimes when I folded them over after making them (I make them in the Midori style), the outside of the fold would crack a little bit. So, do you have any suggestions as to how I could prevent that? Thank you! Lori
  10. Hi, I am making a leather journal cover out of 6oz Hermann Oak Leather in Angelus' Light Rose for a customer. Usually when I make one of these covers, I dye the leather, oil it with neatsfoot oil, then seal it. However, with the pink, the oil seems to turn the pink into a reddish color which I don't like. So my question is, is there a different oil that won't turn the pink a different color -or- do I really have to oil the leather? Can I just dye it and seal it? Thank you, Lori
  11. Hi Dan, I love the color of the pink bag! Did you oil the leather after you dyed it or did you just finish it with the resolene? I bought the Angelus Light Rose but when I use neatsfoot oil on it, it turns it into an almost reddish color. Though that was just a couple hours ago so maybe when it's fully dry it'll return to more of the pink...? Thank you for your help! Lori
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