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  1. Well at this time in my life 1 hand cranker is enough... next machine will be for faster production when the work is starting to really come in. I would keep the boss because I can travel with it up to my cabin, I just wouldn't take a large job project that weekend...but when I get an idea and want to try some new ideas there is a certain pleasure to the cranking and seeing your project moving along, one pull at a time... but if the work is piling up, screw zen and GID! lol
  2. Deryk

    Ugg Boots

    Thanks, I am ordering the book..hell it is only money lol. I work with oil tan leather in that 4-6oz range as well as i have a supple 8-9oz hide i bought to make a pair of moccasin's...alway's daring to try something new...come winter i will make a pair out of sheepskin for warm toes when I am up at my cabin almost like a modern mukluk's.
  3. I came across this book, and was wondering it should be possible to make these out of leather and not sheepskin right? I saw this pic, and was thinking of making them similar as a boot for like Renn Faire's Tightens on the side for a snugger fit. Any thoughts? deryk
  4. Deryk

    The Outlaw has finally Struck....

    watch the video...he says the price at the end. I wish it would have come out a few months ago... I knew I was going out for back surgery and would be home for a few months (workman's comp, a metal stair collapsed under me and shattered a vertebrate. I was hoping the Outlaw would have been out in march but it got pushed back. So I bit the bullet and bought the Tippmann Boss. Have had zero problems with it after getting the bobbin tension adjusted properly. Have made several bags and backpacks ...even sold one on Etsy. I like the idea of the larger throat room on the Outlaw. Sewing a 17" laptop bag was a little hard in places on the Boss. I think the Outlaw should have went with 12" of throat room... I do love my Boss, and plan on building a cobbler's bench for it so I can bring it with me up to the cabin on the weekends so I can sit outside on my deck and work on a project. Buying the Boss, was a good learning experience and eventually I want to upgrade to the Cowboy 4500 for the extra throat room... but I need to sell another 9 bags first lol...and learn to live with it in my bedroom lol (which is right next to my shop).
  5. Deryk

    Hello and question about gusset

    yeah your link didn't work ...I also made the same bag and didn't do the piping/welts either. I like the look of inside out bags... need to try another one and line it. I have been doing all my messenger bags US Mail style...I like how the bag stays nicely on my hip. (this is my steampunk edc bag)
  6. Deryk

    Hello and question about gusset

    I am familiar with the bag but the pic's can't be seen
  7. Deryk

    Hello and question about gusset

    did you skive the edges?
  8. Deryk

    Hello and question about gusset

    well it would depend on the leather that you are using. I would choose something soft to medium stiffness so that it could bend around like that.
  9. honestly, after buying my Boss, I realize my next machine will be a cowboy 4500 for the increased throat area...I noticed making the larger messenger bags turning it around while stitching is a little tight. but first I need to sell some leather goods lol
  10. looks good, I am still learning myself. One thing, more curves less square. The very first picture, that strap would look nicer curver end, or english point then just squared off. It "flows" better.
  11. Deryk

    Shoemaking video kickstarter!

    I have his turn shoe video...when I can justify right leather I want to make the turn shoes...probably next month. I definitely will order the boot dvd
  12. last I heard was march... guess all the bugs aren't knocked out of it yet
  13. Deryk

    SB Foot Leathers

    Mike, take some pictures!
  14. Deryk

    work boots

    the video should be out in July I wanna give it a try