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  1. Interesting... https://www.facebook.com/100077929567114/videos/1547627728995782/ Can I ask what weight leather/needle size/thread size do you work with? I have been watching video's of the ls 1341 clones being able to clear a half an inch of leather strapping and back to purse weigh leather. My "current" machine is a tippman Boss, but the one thing I like is you can fit almost an inch of leather under it which for my thoughts on heavy duty leather backpacks or large duffle bags I will occasionally be over a half an inch of thickness in places before it drops down to 2 layers of a 5 to 6 ounce weight chrome tan. Everyone says you can't own one machine to do it all but the narrow feed plate and the willingness to swap it out as needed change to a thicker needle and thread for "heavy weight projects" might give you the option of a machine that can do light weight to heavy weight projects.
  2. lol I just got a message from RN, said they shipped one out yesterday I guess it was yours lol. Well Good Luck with it...I have a suspicion I will be ordering one myself in the next few days...
  3. Interesting... now I need to contact both of them. I got a quote from Neel on the CB6900 with a list of what you get for the "Deluxe CB6900" with NPS, but doesn't mention the speed reducer. Did you get a CB6900 with NPS and a Speed Reducer? Last saturday Neel's company added this video with the CB6900, no speed reducer on it
  4. Anyone else have any experience with the Thor GC-1341?
  5. Thanks Wiz! I do admit the Techsew 2750 and the Atlas At 341 are two machines that I kind of like, with the ability of up to 207 thread top and bottom and 1/2" clearance for the thick part of bags by the straps. The Cobra 26, the throat room is a little smaller (9 inch cylinder I think?). A company called Reliable makes a 4500CW that looks interesting. Sadly need to keep this around 3k...and I really want a bell skiver! LoL!
  6. Hello folks! I have been silent for a while life got hectic. I do a little leather side work (well haven't for the last year and a half) Mens hat's and laptop/messenger bags and backpacks. I am disabled still fighting with our beloved federal government to approve me but in the meen time I need to get back into making a little side coin. I have a Tippman Boss and been using it for a few years but I think electric and 2 hands on the leather piece might be a good plan. I work with typically pliable 5 to 6 ounce leathers with strapping usually 8 to 9 ounce Latigo leather. I already owned a sailrite lsz-1 well I updated the motor package and got smooth feed dogs on it and it does sew! Much slower now, but I don't want that to be my main machine but it would certainly allow me to add linings because I think I am going to be adding some women's bags because they seem to spend more lol. I am waiting to hear back about Juki LS 341N for sale on eBay It isn't that far from me, about 5 hours. I was wondering any suggestions about what to look for besides bringing the leather I want to run through it? There isn't an appropriate table for it so makes me wonder where it could have come from. Servo motors can always be replaced if it's warn out but what about the innards on an older machine like this...how costly to replace?
  7. Deryk

    Cobra Class 26

    Let me give bob from toledo sewing a call tomorrow morning if the numbers add up close to above I might be interested...wouldn't happen to have a bell skiver?
  8. Deryk

    Cobra Class 26

    just out of curiosity where could I get a table and servo motor? How heavy is the head? have you been able to run 207 thread on it? any idea on shipping to a residential US address zip code 08820
  9. I agree with Todd 100% Throat room is a problem at times. I think the 3200 is available with a hand crank around $1600 Could always motorize it later.
  10. I saw pictures of it, and if it wasn't for the fact I am in the market for a "powered machine" (I have a Tippman Boss, and I like it, but I like making leather backpacks and messenger bags and the throat room is just too small...I want 16" babey ) The weaver cub makes me wonder if you could add a motor to it. Call them, when I first bought my TB, I had to call them and they walked me through adjusting the bobbin tension and it started working fine. It does occasionally skip a stitch but being manual it can be backed up. If it operates at all like mine, they are a little temperamental till you get it adjusted properly...Call them and give it a good chance, could be a a learning curve for you but might be worth it.
  11. is that green colored leather or just the lighting?
  12. Well at this time in my life 1 hand cranker is enough... next machine will be for faster production when the work is starting to really come in. I would keep the boss because I can travel with it up to my cabin, I just wouldn't take a large job project that weekend...but when I get an idea and want to try some new ideas there is a certain pleasure to the cranking and seeing your project moving along, one pull at a time... but if the work is piling up, screw zen and GID! lol
  13. Thanks, I am ordering the book..hell it is only money lol. I work with oil tan leather in that 4-6oz range as well as i have a supple 8-9oz hide i bought to make a pair of moccasin's...alway's daring to try something new...come winter i will make a pair out of sheepskin for warm toes when I am up at my cabin almost like a modern mukluk's.
  14. I came across this book, and was wondering it should be possible to make these out of leather and not sheepskin right? http://www.walrusshoe.com/books_pages/ugg.htm I saw this pic, https://www.ugg.com/women-boots-classic-boots/bailey-button-triplet-ii-boot/1016227.html#start=27&cgid=women-boots and was thinking of making them similar as a boot for like Renn Faire's Tightens on the side for a snugger fit. Any thoughts? deryk
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