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  1. I appreciate the comments. Any stitching on the inside where the belt loop is attached is grooved to recess the stitching and reduce those issues. The welt will protect the rest of the stitching. I didn't want to use any rivets to hold the belt loop, I've had them leave marks on the blades and handles and that makes an unhappy customer that purchased and expensive custom knife.
  2. Thanks, that's what I thought too. The first one didn't have it and looked very plain for a custom knife.
  3. srtolly

    Lot of 12 Singer 78-3 and Consew 28 mix

    If I knew some way to get what you don't want closer to Minnesota I'd split them with you and do some refurbishing after making one for me.
  4. srtolly

    Wanted Blue Guns

    If you're still looking I have a full size 1911 blue gun that I used once a few years ago that I can sell or trade.
  5. I've been getting more and more requests for knife sheaths so I figured I'd show a couple with the knives of course. First is a Kephart style camping knife I had made for myself. I kept the sheath very simple and finished it with Neatsfoot oil only. This one was for a customer, he wanted simple but I had to give it a little interest and he loved it. I never know what to charge for for these so any suggestions is helpful.
  6. Very nicely done, better than my first one.
  7. I went through a couple different designs before I came up with something the customer and I liked for his custom knife. This was a cheap knife but he wanted a leather sheath so I made it, not real interesting but pretty normal request for me. I don't always take pictures, I really need to do more of that. I'll look for more of them, the one I did for The Fatman on YouTube for his Buck Alpha Hunter came out pretty nice and he carries it daily.
  8. I know I'm a little late to the party but I have an Avenger with thumb break pattern for that gun if I can find it in my shop.
  9. srtolly

    Cc Holster

    What glockanator said but it does depend on the gun. A Glock is about a inch wide so I'll add about 5/8" to my stitch lines except around the trigger guard which I do 1/2" around.
  10. I've made a few for the SW9VE. Pancake and avenger with a thumb break. I made a video on the avenger. I'll dig this weekend and see if I can find the pattern. I also have an IWB that I can easily adapt to a thumb break. I've made a few for the SW9VE. Pancake and avenger with a thumb break. I made a video on the avenger. I'll dig this weekend and see if I can find the pattern. I also have an IWB that I can easily adapt to a thumb break.
  11. srtolly

    Making Belts, The Easy Way

    This is great. I'm new to making belts and this clears it up a bit.
  12. The first knife sheath was for someone that bought a Haversack and another sheath from me and trusted me enough to send that custom Damascus knife to me for a sheath. I do a lot of bartering, I did a holster like the bottom one for a new camera to make my videos, the PPK holster was for some art work on my YouTube channel. I'll be making some stock to take to some craft shows this winter and see how things are received.
  13. I have only been doing leather work for a couple years in my spare time and recently decided to sell some of my work. This forum has been wonderful and the criticism given to others has been great. Most of my work has been for myself and family but since I started doing more on my YouTube channel with leather I have been getting a lot of requests and have a few good customers from it. I'm kind of fumbling with pricing now since custom work seems to have a broad range of prices so any help is appreciated. A couple knife sheaths to start. My first belt, used an extra long blank from Tandy and my first attempt at any kind of stamping for the basket weave. Lined with 4-5oz oil tanned and hand stitched. Buckle and keeper came from my old belt and I replaced the snaps with Chicago Screws. My first possibles bag from 4-5oz Oil tanned. Some gun holsters, this is what got me started. I couldn't find any holsters I liked so I made my own. HiPoint JHP Walther PPK IWB, I borrowed the gun from a friend to make this for someone then found out this PPK is very rare and worth 5 months salary. My personal daily carry for a 1911 Commander Another personal holster for when I need to conceal better, Glock 27 IWB tuckable Any feedback is appreciated. I'm still learning a lot and have been trying to find a mentor in southern Minnesota that can help me learn to do some carving. This forum has been a great inspiration and I will be making my first handbag for my daughter who picked up a few things at Tandy for me Saturday and found some leather she really liked. God Bless, Scott