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  1. Sorry about the multiple posts, had somme problems with my cellphone. Hopefuly and admin will remove the doubles.. Nontheless, i have somme matérialisme yo show. Here's for starters my work for the past months. ..
  2. Hi y'all! I'm a medieval geek from Montréal with a passion for costuming,swordfight and more recently leatherworking. I've always been fascinated with leather armors and all the intricate techniques that are implied un their making. In the past month, I finally geared up with the essential. I am now crafting pieces of armor and celtic-themed accessories of my own. Anybody else in the area? Anyhow, I can't wait tout get criticism from you people! By the way, I'm looking for good armor patterns, anybody has some good websites that could help In my quest for the most epic armor In the universe?
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