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  1. Hi Thanks for your explanation. I have bristles and thread on order and intend to resole the shoes during my Christmas break. I also stumbled on a youtube video "how to make waxed ends" which was very informative. Regards, MV
  2. Hi, Thanks for your reply. The thickest linen thread I have is 18/6 (the thickest available locally as well), and seems of smaller diameter than the original stitch. Would you recommend any make/model of thread that's thicker? I can purchase online if need be. I intend to perform a saddle stitch, for durability reasons. My english is unfortunately limited, and I'm not sure what "hog bristles" refer to. Is this a long curved needle with a blunt tip? Thanks, MV
  3. Hi I am in the process of rejuvenating a battered pair of mountain hiking boots. These are made of heavy leather and are of the norwegian welt construction type. Among other issues, the thread attaching the sole to the upper has worn out in a few places, and I have in mind to rip this thread off entirely and sew the sole back on with new thread. I'll be hand sewing, there are approximately six stitches per inch and the sole and leather and sole have a combined thickness around 1/4th of an inch. At this point I'm not sure what would be the most appropriate thread (material, size) to use, and would welcome any recommendation. I'm concerned about durability of the result. I have searched quite a bit for information but most of the info I found is for fashion or luxury shoes and not really applicable to my boots. Any links or hints or info about the proper technique to achieve good results is also welcome. Thanks, MV
  4. Many thanks for the information. I will stop worrying about this and continue with the roller replacement in the slide plate assembly then ! I have purchased parts from College sewing, they did provide top service, and delivery is quick and efficient. I'll keep you posted.
  5. Hi, Thanks for the advice. A new spring had been ordered and I hav installed it yesterday. Pictures of the installation are below. It seems odd that there is some backlash between the shuttle and the carrier, which translates into angular backlash during back and forth rotation. Can you confirm whether the shuttle is in the correct position, e.g. pushed far from the carrier towards the housing? Thanks,
  6. Hi all, I've taken a few pictures of the machine. The chamfer in the shuttle cover plate. I'll try to adjust the screws between bottom and top part of the machine Play between shuttle hook and housing. I have sourced some teflon pads I may add to compensate for wear in this area The lobe of the cam was worn but I manage to add some solder, now there is no more play in that area. Also, part number 0303 stamped is different from replacement parts I can find. The butterfly guide for the head, broken and soldered as well. The complete head assembly. The part which gets around the tension disc system was badly bent, and I put it again into shape, now works correctly The roller on the picture above is riveted in the slide bar, I have ordered a later roller assembly and will drill the old one out. Part number 8562 does not seem available anymore With best regards,
  7. Hello, and many thanks for your answers. I will contact suppliers and ask about new parts. College sewing is on my side of the ocean, hopefully the delivery won't be an issue. The shuttle hook I have was purchased brand new, and the small spring seems to me in good shape. I'll have the opportunity to work on the machine next week and will post a few pictures. With best regards,
  8. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and although i've been reading it frequently over the last two years this is my first post. After much hand-sewing of leather items, i've taken the plunge and bought last month a singer 29K3 dating back from 1905. The machine was quite rusty and battered but I didn't pay much for it either. I have to mention this is my first sewing machine ever. I've been looking for replacement parts but although they are plenty for later models, I can't seem to find stuff for older machines and am not sure whether the newer parts are compatible. I have successfully cleaned, repaired, adjusted, soldered a number of things and the machine will now stitch more or less consistently. I am however left with three issues and am happy to collect guidance from the educated on these : 1. On the back of the slide part of the "round ring" is a small roller. This one is worn (faceted), and the groove in the drive pulley may be worn as well. I can drill out the roller and replace it with a custom machined one of suitable diameter. How much play between the roller and the groove is acceptable? Would a replacement part be compatible with this machine? 2. The needle isn't perfectly aligned with the hole in the shuttle cover plate. the needle is a little bit to the left, as if the lower arm of the machine was too long. If the leather is thick and causes the needle to deflect a little bit under load, it can hit the plate and break the needle. A previous owner has chamfered the hole on one side of the plate, in order for the needle to get back in the hole. Is there any adjustment I can make to correct this? 3. The shuttle was missing when I got the machine, I had to source one but am not perfectly happy with the result. I may or not have the correct part, but there is some play around the shuttle, even if the small spring in the shuttle carrier is present. As a result, a clacking noise is sometimes heard from that area, and I wonder if any replacement part better suited to my machine would be availables. I welcome any advice on these topics, with many thanks in advance.
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