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  1. I got a request for a double knife shoulder holster, similar to this. Can anyone tell me what is the best leather, i understand i cant use chrome tan for the sheaths, but would it look ok if i combine veg for the sheaths and chrome for the straps? And does anyone have a pattern? I havent had time to even consider learning inkscape, and i would be willing to pay for a pattern. Or if someone can provide guidance, I totally appreciate any help. Thank you!
  2. I am going to look through my collection of books and see if I have anything of similar size, but the cardboard is also a very good idea. Thank you
  3. That is something i did not take into consideration. Hopefully i can find books relatively similar in size in order to get this right. I dont have acces to the books all the time so I have to wing it a bit. Thank you
  4. Thats a very interesting idea. I will work with that with some modifications. Thank you!
  5. I have a very special client who is looking for a book cover to encase 2 books. He's celebrating 90 days of sobriety with AA and has 2 books that he'd like me to make a cover for. Here's the issue. 1 book, his go to, is hard cover and measures 6" x 8" x 1 1/2". The 2nd book is soft cover and is same length and height but only 1/2" deep. He's also asking for a strap to close it and keep them secure. but he'd like both books in one cover instead of 2 separate cases. I do not have possession of these books as he needs them daily, all i have are measurements. Does my description make sense? I am welcoming all suggestions on this. I plan on using tooling leather so I can tool in some scrollwork and the motto "One More Day" on the cover. Thanks so much!
  6. Hi, still kind of a newbie to the field of leatherwork but I love working with it. So now I'very gotten to the point I'd rather make my own purses than buy them, unless it's a Coach or other high end. I have it in my head to make a clutch out of stingray. But I'm having a hard time with finding out what to line it with not only for looks but also to stiffen it somewhat. my other question is how do I edge it? I've seen the posts on inlay but for a bag that may not work. I like the rolled edge look but unsure how to do that. I appreciate any help, I've been eyeballing a particular color skin and can't wait to do it and show it off! thanks in advance
  7. I'm fairly new to leather working but have a mentor that shares his knowledge with me. When I asked about setting rivets he said his method was he bought an arbor press. I found one at Harbor Freight, I didn't want to spend a lot in case it didn't work for me. It works great! This way I can make sure all my rivets stay straight as I lower the ram, instead of taking a chance and hitting it straight, which I can't seem to do! I do use the domed setter as well. I just finished a tote and used the press for the rivets and the bag feet. My friend examined my tote and said I did great job. Just thought I'd add my 2 cents.
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