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  1. ... The strap to the PANDORA hours of crocodile skin color with an interesting distressed gold ... Used plastic insert for tight abutment to the clock. The basis of vegetable tanned leather. Hand sewing saddle stitch waxed thread.
  2. Edge processing and selection of thread finished work on the strap to the Adriatica watches leather ostrich legs. The final photo.
  3. .. Complicated and more interesting on the project of manufacturing the strap to the watch Adriatica ... The most difficult to make a replacement rubber strap having complex forms of contiguity to the clock. It was decided to produce a polyurethane portion of the insert. The rest of the construction was made of leather. Base - leather vegetable tanned. Face layer - leather legs ostrich.
  4. ... Creative searches and experiments in the creation of wash bags for pipe and accessories ... Prototyping, and the search for the best option braided leather cord. Compartment filters. Braided leather cord. On one edge consumption cord 115 cm Clasp -. Neodymium magnet. Neodymium magnets are built into the rear wall of the pockets. Lighter and cleaning tool primagnichivaetsya and will not fall out, hang out. There is no need for additional fastener.
  5. Contrary to popular belief, I'm only doing straps for watches, I love and periodically works with embossing (engraved). My recent work on the bag. Design layout Процесс
  6. Strap for classic men's watches LONGINES made of alligator skin laterally with a characteristic pattern. The small round scales give its noble origin. A perfect complement cardholders are calculated on a plastic card and a bank card. Depending on the style of use of high-quality leather alligator gets its own unique patina, and will for a long time to give pleasure to its owner. design, manufacture hour from caiman strap for watches Baume et Mercier Classima Executives ... I can not but mention beautiful (not the original) watch strap, which will have to make a substitution. Perhaps one of the most interesting and high-quality belts that have ever seen. As the padding used all the same caiman (sides). An interesting solution in the form of synthetic ribbons to hold the sliding ringlet-trenchika decided to repeat A new strap will be from the cervical region (chin). The basis of hypoallergenic vegetable tanned leather with an element thickening.
  7. Strap to the Certina watch of cattle genuine leather with a distressed print "gold" crocodile (made in Spain). Sewing waxed thread, saddle stitch. strap length 75 \ 115 mm. Width 21 \ 18 mm.
  8. gigi, Polychloroprene glue, Desmokol glue. Depends on the situation.
  9. ... The strap to the female watches Raymond Weil Tango ... The base and the inside of vegetable tanned leather. The strap is made of genuine crocodile skin (chin). Sewing by hand waxed thread saddle stitch.
  10. My English is bad. My knowledge is limited to "google translate". :) Meaning understood . Thank you.
  11. Leather strap for military watch.
  12. My recent work on the bag. Design layout Process
  13. All strap homazh hours (Cortebert). Leather Horween Leather and horse leather lining, waxed linen thread.
  14. watch strap for Raymond Weil Nabucco
  15. ... watch strap for TAG Heuer ... Size 100\85 mm, 22\18 mm.
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