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  1. I'm adding cloth liners to wallets, and everything is nice and flat when the wallet is open, but crinkles and bunches up along the folds whenever I actually close the wallet. For adhesives, I've tried Barge cement, regular rubber cement and even double-sided tape. I've even adjusted the size of the cloth liner so there isn't an excess of fabric, but for whatever reason I get the same results. Thanks in advance for everyone's insight!
  2. Thank you! I used stamps and craft aides to get the outlines for the gears, then cut them out and tooled them. I use a single chisel punch to cut them, as the smaller ones are too fine for a swivel knife. The backgrounder is just angled sharply for the interior of the gears. Thanks for the feedback, everyone!
  3. I haven't posted in quite awhile, but wanted to show a little progress thanks to those I've conferred with here. Attached is a "steampunk" styled phone holster/wallet sized to fit an iPhone 6+. It's all hand cut, tooled and sewn out of veg-tanned 4-5 oz leather, and finished in tan gel antique. The front pocket is large enough to hold an ID, some cards and cash, so it's essentially a minimalist wallet one can wear on their belt. Thanks for looking, and thanks for your feedback!
  4. Great work and awesome concept! Those last ones screw with my head, haha.
  5. Gorgeous! I especially like the wood grain detail in the guitar. Thanks for sharing.
  6. That looks awesome, especially considering you're using "hobo" tools. I'm envious!
  7. It looks vintage and definitely enviable--very nice!
  8. Looks quite fitting so far...can't wait to see it finished!
  9. It's been a *very* long time but I've dabbled in maille, mostly the European 4-in-1 pattern. The only thing I have left is the original coif I made for my sugar-loaf great helm. I had begun crafting the tools to get into riveted maille but saw something shiny and my interests went elsewhere. With riveted maille you can get away with a much smaller diameter wire and make your wedge rivets out of the same wire, so the end product is less than half the weight but at least twice as strong. With the proper tools, it's just as fast as linking butted maille---which is to say still extremely time-consuming.
  10. I miss living there, especially 100 Yen stores! Those are like dollar stores in the US, but instead of cheap junk it has high-quality odds-and-ends you can't figure out how you lived without.
  11. I've had the exact same result...here's what I did to fix it: Make sure your leather is *dry*, as any contact with the setting/doming tool will leave marks. I tap the washer piece down until it's just snug, then continue with light taps while rotating the tool; this seats it evenly all the way around. I use small bolt cutters to chop off the remaining rivet to about 1/8" sticking up, then a small ball peen hammer to mushroom it over. This part can be tedious as you don't want to hit the leather...only the rivet. Once set, I switch to the dome end of the tool, rotating and wiggling it around while tapping it to even out the hammer marks. I hope that helps!
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