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  1. Hags, this is absolutely beautiful!!! Thanks you for sharing.
  2. Byggyns, Thank you for your feedback as well. I plan to apply all that I learn here to my future endeavors. Honest feedback and instruction, like yours, is highly valuable to me. I look forward to showing off my next project. Thanks again!
  3. Castle, Not to harsh at all and thank you for commenting. 1) Stitching- I starting out double stitching at first and then switched to single. I used a combination of pricking irons and awl. My irons aren't very good, in my opinion. The small(& large) stitches around the edges are for the back piece that allows the holster to be worn on a belt in multiple directions. It was poorly planned and executed for sure. 2) Edges- There are multiple layers of different types of leather and I agree that it should have been sanded and then burnished properly. I may revisit the project and improve upon the things that I can. Thank you so much for your honest feedback!!!
  4. Beautiful work. I especially like the Yosemite Sam! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Hello from Louisville Ken. I'm a complete amateur looking to improve my skill set and hopefully turn pro. some day. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
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