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  1. OK; it was because of some old sticky oil... I cleaned everything, changed some stuff on the Motor etc and I have now a nice, slow running Singer! :-) Thanks a lot you guys! It helped me a lot and it's much apprecciated! Greetings from Switzerland... :-) Andy
  2. Ok, first of all, thanks a lot to you guys!!! Yes, the foot was locked, and it came undone when I've loosened the screw you've mentioned Jimi... Yes; I do have a coupole of different feet, and I am now at the point where the machine is running and stitching quite fine, but: I need to finetune the walking foot... Any suggestions (it doesn't say anything in the manual)? Also; there's another thing: The foot isn't pressing all the way down; there's a gap of maybe 2mm under it when it's down. This makes sewing thin material impossible of course... Thanks a lot again!
  3. Hello All, I picked up this Singer 45K89 today, and it has that Ring-Foot, which I haven't seen on a Machine yet... Also, the walking/jump-Foot seems to be locked (maybe because of the Ringe-Attachment?) Does anyone know what this thing is, and how I get the machine to work? Motor runs, she looks quite good in shape, I guess, it shouldn't be a huge thing to get her going? Thank you in advance!
  4. Thinking about quitting while making it; and just before it's finished, thinking about the next ten... haha :-) I will do a smaller cutout the next time; a more "flowing" one would be nicer anyway I guess... Thank you!
  5. Thanks a lot; yep, some of that stuff I was thinking of when I first wrote about some problems here and there :-) But I've learned a lot and I'm ready for my second saddle ;-) That Rigging is plugged btw :-) Thanks a lot for your answer; good, helpful points there...
  6. Thank's a lot Thorsten! It is very much appreciated! :-)
  7. Hello all, It's been a while since I have been here to show some of my stuff, but since I am now (almost) done with my very first saddle (stirrups and breast collar are waiting to be done), I wanted to post some pictures of it here... I have chosen DVDs and books as sources, I've made my own patterns, and since almost every saddle over here is more for recreational riders than the hard working cowboy, I have made some decisions considering weight etc... The Saddle is made for my wife, it is all handstitched, it's got a 16" Seat, Small Skirts, inskirt rigging, and features a rather simple border tooling :-)... I've had some problems here and there, but all in all, for my first saddle I am very proud... Alltough I am a little bit scared; feel free to critique whatever you may find odd or "special"... haha :-) Thanks, Andy
  8. Hello Keith, First of all a big thank you for your posts, I enjoy reading them all and learning a lot from you! Question: Is it possible to post some pictures of the "Laser-Process?" And how do find your main reference points such as the center line? (If you have the laser attached to the stand, i suppose it's not guaranteed that the tree is in the right position for the laser? or do you have kind of a "locking-possibilty" on that stand, so every tree sits on it the same?) I am looking forward to your answer, regards, Andy
  9. Thanks; I oiled it yesterday; no problem at all...
  10. Hi there, I'm currently working on a pair of chinks with a two-tone (brown/Natural) carving. My question is: I'm done with everything, now I'm a bit scared of oiling, because the color could get smeared, right? Or am I safe with just lightly touching it up with some oil on a sponge? I use fiebings professional oil dye... After that, I was planning to use bag kote, but I can use a can of leather sheen too if thats safer... thanks a lot!
  11. Hey Trox, No problem; your answer was very interesting and useful! Why did you delete it?! Thanks a lot anyway, Regards from switzerland Andy
  12. Hello there! Well, if I look at my finished pieces, there's always one (or two ;-) little things I know I can do better on the next one, even if it's just me seeing it... And I guess that'll never change, right? :-) We are always learning and moving forward, and that's what I like about Leatherwork... There's so much to learn and know about, and I don't think it'll fit all in one lifetime? And if we ever come to a point where we stop learning, we'll probably lose- or allready have lost- the love for our craft... BTW: I'm definitly planning to do a nr. 3 and 4 and 5 etc, but first of all, I need a decent nr 1 and 2! haha :-) Andy
  13. Hello Randy, Thanks for your suggestion! Yeah, there's always something to do while the glue is drying, right? ;-) In fact, even my mentor, who's a master saddle maker, does only work on one saddle at the time... I will order two trees at once, because I live in switzerland and shipping etc is expensive. But when it comes to building the saddles; I'll take my time! So one at a time will be my choice too... Have a nice day/evening, Andy
  14. Thanks a lot, I think I get what you mean now! :-) Anyway, my goal was not to separate them in the first place, so I'll stick with the combined solution for now... I will continue to draw and I have an old, broken "cheapo" saddle here where I can check all the stuff I'm working on... And someday, I'm gonna order that tree! ;-) Thanks a lot again, it's good to know that there's people out there willing to help! :-) Andy
  15. Hello there, Thanks for your feedback! I was sketching and drawing today, did you by any chance mean something like this? :-) Nice Saddles that you build!
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