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    Fire Helmet Shields, Business Card holders, leather patches, wallets, misc requests
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    machine stitching, holsters, handbags and belts
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    That turned out awesome! Fantastic job. Do use dyes for your coloring or do you use paints?
  2. Fantastic! How did you get the wings to look 3D? Is it 2 pieces or painted shadow? Either way, outstanding work...
  3. I am interested in buying an Adler 105-64, preferably with a Servo. If anyone knows of refurb companies that may have one in stock, I would appreciate the information. Stay safe!
  4. LOL I didn't even think to check the date on it before I posted, but thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Fantastic information, to be honest a bit overwhelming. I don't think I'll need something as big as the 4500...would the same principles/steps apply if I were to get a smaller one, i.e. 3200, 3500..(?). I think the smart thing to do would be to see who and where the 'local' dealer is and make contact to see what machine I need to buy...that 4500 looks beautiful but it's rather big for my workspace and wallet hahaha I really appreciate y'all...and I will most likely hit you up when I do in fact bite the bullet and buy my machine...it won't be long at all.
  5. Great info here.....I am quickly discovering new things and I'd like a versatile machine that can do wallets, belts and holsters. Will these machines work good on thin leather for wallets as well? i'd hate to have to buy two machines if the lighter leather is too 'light'.
  6. Great job on all of your shields. Stay safe brother.
  7. Thank you Collector. Virginia is such a beautiful state...I lived there in Fairfax for about a year...good times.
  8. Yeah it's pretty chill over there...I really miss it.
  9. Welcome aboard! I hope your local shop is as good to you as mine has been to me...I'm quickly finding out that I don't know SQUAT regarding leather! HAHAHA I hope you find the support you need here...looking forward to seeing some of your work. p.s. born in Bradenton, and my family lives in Venice.
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