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  1. Saddle shop downsizing >>>> retirement We have a 25 ton 20" x 40" Herman Schwabe clicker press 3 phase for 3200 CAD (will need a new bed) 40 drawer clicker die cabinet 800 CAD Long arm Adler walking foot, a workhorse for any larger materials - 3/4" lift for 4800 CAD - including table & servo motor + new light Artisan walking foot flatbed with very little use. Great for a novice to get going on. 1450 CAD - Includes table with wheels and servo motor Located in Penticton, British Columbia. All machinery is in excellent working order
  2. we have sold saddles to Nova Scotia in past years. None recently
  3. Our Canadian treeless saddle making business has been around since 1993. With unique designs and proven design performance, our saddles have a dedicated following of users. The market has not been maximized and our advertising has been mostly through our dealer network and customer reviews. Huge potential to increase profits and sales within this special saddle market. Ideally this business would be taken over by an owner with existing shop workers and machinery within North America. Sales numbers are only limited by manufacturing output. Current owner is willing to interface with purchaser to ease transition and to ensure manufacturing processes. Price for business is negotiable, depending on equipment desired, owner involvement and scope of product control desired. Please contact Dana sensationride@shaw.ca for further details. see the website www.nickerssaddlery.com
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