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  1. Hi, this is my first post on leatherworker! I have an industrial machine, a singer, for very lightweight sewing (I had to order special narrow needles) so I am looking to buy a new machine for sewing thick leather, 5-7oz I have found some good machine heads on ebay, Consew 255B, Singer 211W115, and very old but apparently in good working condition Singer 111W115 (someone I worked for had this exact machine, also old but very beautiful and reliable stitching) My current table and motor are in great condition, the motor is a Tacsew, clutch, 5.8 amp. My question is...possibly a dumb one...but will any/all of these machine heads fit and run with this motor? I read your post about clutch vs servo, but still felt unsure about combining a different head with my existing clutch. Thanks in advance! here is a photo of my motor.
  2. I need a walking foot machine for thick leather sewing, I have a motor and table, Tacsew T121H, 5.8 amp, is this compatible with a walking foot machine head?

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