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  1. alan243

    Need Advise on buying a new machine

    I came here AFTER i googled, what i was looking for was some help on making a decision on the machines, i never mentioned price, only the models that i was looking at and asking for more insight on to something better. Its a shame that the condescending attitude of people here have run me off.. Thanks you and good day
  2. alan243

    Need Advise on buying a new machine

    Well I thought I would get at least a little help I googled both of these machines and still not sure which one would work for me , was hoping i could get some real advise from someone in the know... thanks
  3. alan243

    Need Advise on buying a new machine

    looking for specifics on the machines i mentioned, i have read that thread
  4. ok looking at a couple machines a ferdco pro 440, sewline sl5-1r, i will be sewing belts, cinches, purses, is there something better? maybe a waking foot? need some help from the experts
  5. alan243

    Randall Union Lock Stich Machine

    thanks for all the replies.. I am new to this leather game, and just want to make an informed decision. If this was engraving equipment I woudl be done by now
  6. have a chance to buy a randall union lock stich machine. Not sure I need this heavy of a machine but can get it for what I think is a decent price.. 1000.00 mostly sewing saddle parts IE: back cinchs, stirrup leathers, belts etc.. my question, is this too much machine?