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  1. Hey all,Im selling my cowboy 4500, right now it is listed on eBay. It is in like new condition. Im listing it with a 2000 dollar reserve. So any bids higher than that will get it. This is a pick/up only item. Im located near allentown pennsylvania. We can assist with helping to move if you are within 200 miles. And witin reasonable terms. Here is the listing thats on ebay sorry Im having issues uploading pictures here for some reason or other. Cowboy 4500 Cylinder Arm Lock Stitch Industrial Sewing/Stitching Machine like new condition!! If your looking for a great leather stitcher,nows your chance to save big money!!! Way below the cost from a dealership!!! This is a Local Pickup only,but,if your not further than 200 miles maybe we can work something out within reason. If This is the case: PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE BIDDING IF YOU REQUIRE ASSISTANCE WITH TRANSPORTATION OF MACHINE. These Details Must be agreed upon prior to purchase!!! I am selling our like NEW Cowboy 4500 leather stitcher with a lot of extras!!!!Includes the machine head, table,servo motor with speed reducer and all the add on accessories!In like new excellent condition,used maybe 10 hours. Featured on leather worker.net and all your high end leather working catalogs,and Leather craftsman Bruce Cheaney among many other highly skilled craftsman.Sadly it does not suit our needs for it is made for heavy duty sewing of thick leather. Such as saddles,saddle bags,holsters, gun and knife sheathes ect. I make clothes and light bags,my husband was gonna start making knife sheathes,holsters,motorcycle gear,such as saddle bags and fix hockey gear. His life took a different direction so now it just sadly sits waiting to be loved and used. If you noticed,this machine is a cylinder arm which also has a flatbed table that can be mounted if you prefer a flatter surface to sew on. It's like having two different machines in one. Which saves. A lot of shop space. This machine comes with all the extra accessories and upgrades. Please visit their website at tolindsew.com to learn more. There are also many YouTube videos of the Cowboy 4500 machine in action. This is also made exactly like the Cobra class 4-P,same factory,but better stainless steel parts,and lighter color finish. All pressure feet and feed dogs are made of high quality stainless steel. All original manuals for machine and servo motor are included and have been well cared for. The machine has always been covered and well oiled and will also come with oilers and tools.As I took the pictures today, I also gave the machine a good run and it sews perfectly. This thing is built like a tank. Sews through thick leather like butter!The base has lockable caster wheels that turn in any direction,which makes for easy moving. Also the height can be adjusted for seated or standing positions. Blanket foot is excellent for sewing heavy cloth/canvas, or heavy cloth to leather. This machine has a removable roller guide to aid in straight stitch lines. Also when stitching in reverse it uses same holes!! That is awesome! Sorry but This is a local sale only, we may be able to help get it to its new home providing it's not over 200 miles away and payment has cleared. So if interested please contact me through eBay. Serious inquiries only! Please look at pictures as they are also part of description please note:that in picture number 2. I took cap off cylinder arm just to show inside shuttle. Here are the Specifications : Model: CB4500 •Arm Length: 16 1/2" •Arm Diameter: 3 9/16" •Maximum Foot Lift: 1 1/16" •Max Sewn Thickness: 7/8" •Needle: 7x3 or 794: #18-#27 •Thread Sizes: #69 - #415 •Bobbins: 7/8" x 1" large capacity •Max Speed: 800 rpm •Max Stitch Length: 3 per inch •Reverses into same holes •Adjustable speed, high torque servo motor •Ball bearing speed reducer •Height adjustable stand on casters •Long neck, high intensity flex lamp When we purchased this machine we opted for ALL the extra accessories including extra bobbins,needles,spools of thread. So I'm including everything at a great deal,better than what the dealer is offering and don't forget they charge shipping and handling fees from Ohio on top of their price. This is the list from their website of extras I have included with this purchase that are not part of the regular base model. So you get all these extras. Cowboy Stitcher Accessories: Wax/lube pot: $95.00 Blanket foot set: $100.00 Serrated feed dog: $50.00 (Requires blue Loctite to install securely) Smooth Feed dog: $65.00 (Requires blue Loctite to install securely) Stainless steel double toe harness foot set: $125.00 Stainless steel right harness foot: $75.00 Stainless steel left harness foot: $75.00 Stainless steel right paddle shaped foot (left or right): $85.00 each Stainless steel narrow inside foot for paddle feet: $75.00 Standard throat plate: $65.00 Stainless steel slotted needle plate: $85.00 Stainless steel holster plate: $160.00 Stainless steel stirrup plate: $160.00 Swing-away roller guide: $95.00 Drop down adjustable roller edge guide (Adler style): $125.00 Magnetic LED flex-lamp: $30.00 Flat work table platform: $85.00 Series 794 S leather point needles (10/pack - sizes #23,24,25, Series 7x3 (DYx3) regular sharp point needles I also have several spools in pairs of 1 lb cones nylon and 1lb cones of poly thread that I will include with this sale. 207 and 277 in blacks,tans,Browns,beiges,whites. I have not included pictures for lack of space but I'm sure you'll be quite pleased. These are too heavy for my use so I will be including them also. Everything you need is here to get started except the leather. This machine has a powerful servo motor with a speed reducer. The torque is excellent to stitch even the thickest hides. I've included. Some pictures of the various thicknesses of leather sewn on this machine. It is. A PowerHorse! Also from their website: Cowboy industrial sewing machines are built as tough as tanks and are capable of sewing thick leather, cloth, webbing, bioplastic and other materials, with heavy thread. The Cowboy CB4500 leather stitcher is capable of sewing up to 7/8" of saddle leather, with up to #415 bonded nylon or polyester thread. It has a cylinder arm of 16.5 inches in length; ideal for sewing horse saddles. The feed is performed by a compound, triple feed walking foot, which ensures that all layers will move together. The pressor feet, known as Harness Feet, are made of stainless steel, as are the throat cover plates. A blanket foot set, with teeth on the bottom, is available, instead of, or in addition to the harness feet, for those sewing cloth items and horse blankets, rather than only leather. Every new CB4500 purchase comes complete with a motor and table, choice of regular or harness pressor feet, one standard throat plate and feed dog to match feet, and a swing-away roller edge guide. Also included are four bobbins and one pack of 10 needles (to match your preferred thread size). Uses for this machine include saddlery, leather and bioplastic harnesses and bridles, gun holsters, ammo pouches, gun belts, weight belts, nylon webbing tow ropes, animal collars and leashes. The Cowboy cylinder arm sewing machines all feature a strong industrial table, with a powerful servo motor and a speed reducer. PayPal only, no returns I have a high 100% rating and intend on keeping it that way! I am an honest seller and treat people the way I expect to be treated. With that said You may bid with confidence. Just a reminder: This is a local sale, pick up only! Bring strong backs ,You will need help moving this machine for it is very heavy. Also and within reason, if your not further than 200 miles maybe we can work something out to help you get it home. Please make these kind of arrangements prior to auction end so that all parties are agreed upon. If This is the case:PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE BIDDING IF YOU REQUIRE ASSISTANCE WITH TRANSPORTATION OF MACHINE. These Details Must be agreed upon prior to purchase!!! Money Must be cleared through PayPal before machine leaves premise. Please ask questions before placing bids and I will do my best to answer. Payment is due through PayPal only. No refunds. Again. Local pickup only. If not too far may consider delivery once payment is received and cleared. Thank you for looking. Good luck Bidding
  2. I have just listed my cowboy 4500 on EBay today. April 25th. Anyone interested that lives in eastern pa. Or willing to drive. Its up for sale for the next ten days. Like new condition. Reserve set at 2000. Includes all the extras plus lots of 1lb cones of bonded nylon. Please check it out and if you have questions I will do my best to get back to you by later that day. I have teaching everyday this week. So I just wanted to give everyone a chance at this and maybe save themselves some money. Thanks. Suznu.
  3. Wiz,thanks for that info.your input is greatly appreciated. I am guessing that it's an older video link on the Sewpro USA website. You would think that there would be some indication that they are not made anymore. Hmmm. So this still leaves the all the other questions about the sewing machines. Is anyone out there even aware of this make and model? I know that they are available, the videos presented on YouTube are fairly recent.
  4. Hi all,does anyone out there know anything about the sewpro 1341 or sewpro 1342? Upon a YouTube search of the Juki ls 1341,I discovered this machine. The dealer,SEWPRO USA,happens to be located in Ephrata Pennsylvania,which happens to be in the heart of Amish and Menninite country. There is a large demand for horse products in this area which also happens to be close to me.I don't know anything about Sewpro USA or the quality of their sewing machines and was hoping someone out there would know something or have used their machines. The only thing I've heard is sewpro makes a great servo gear reduction motor,the 500GR. I am curious if anyone has experience with their sewing machines and if so are they of good quality?. I am assuming they are made in China but do not know this for a fact. I would love to have a Juki but the price is pretty hefty for my budget. I will be visiting the dealer early next week to check out the machines first hand and meet Sergey.Is there anything I should look for (red flags) poor quality, or on the other hand,well built and quality? I am hoping to find an industrial machine dealer in my area, that I can count on should the need for parts,support,etc.and not be a 700 mile drive should the need arise in the future. Any tips and input would be greatly welcome and appreciated! I'm hoping this turns out to be a good thing, and will let you all know the outcome. Thanks !
  5. Hi all,can anyone explain the difference in the juki model ls1341 and juki ls 1342? Would one be more preferable to the sewing of leather purses and accessories and why? I hear alot about the ls1341, but have not seen any mention of the 1342. Is this because the 1342 lacks something/or not,that would make it a good choice for sewing leather? Im gonna guess that price is one of the differences. Im not sure what the going rate is for the 1342??? I also see that the 1342 has a guage for sewing smaller articles. Could someone also explain what this gauge is and what it does exactly? Im just trying learn and to get a better understanding of how these machines vary within its class. As always, this forum rocks and I have learned a wealth of information, thanks to all! Your responses are greatly appreciated. I must say,you guys have kept me from making a couple costly mistakes, Thanks!
  6. What I do when i'm not sure about a pattern adjustment and don't want to find out that I messed things up on an expensive piece of leather. Try getting some felt and do a mock up of the adjustments that you want to make Felt behaves a lot like leather and is a lot less expensive Felt comes in all sorts of thicknesses hope this helps
  7. I've tried the Consew 227r-2, but I know nothing about the difference in these three machines. This is a big investment and I don't want to make a bad choice and be kicking myself months or years down the road. They are all roughly the same price but the Juki Ls341 and Seiko Cw-8b are refurbished,the Consew is brand new. I will be making purses and bags and already own the cowboy 4500 for heavy leather. Just need something to bridge the gap for the light to medium range which doesn't do so well on the 4500. I am trying to make an intelligent choice among the three based on Quality,ease of repairs if needed down the road.Finding parts.stitching quality.I will be buying from a reputable dealer that will give me support. But they sell machines more than they sew with them. So......Out of these three machines what would you choose?and why? Has anyone used these models and what did you like/ dislike about it? I appreciate as much input and advise that I can get. I will be making this purchase in the next couple days, and a little nervous about taking the plunge. Someday I hope that I may return the favor to the newby down the road.
  8. Please help me,I am purchasing a consew 227r-2 for making light weight bags and medium weight bags, it does not have any other accessories except the presser feet on the machine. Does singer 111 parts/acessories, such as piping feet presser feet ect.work on this machine? If not, what does? I appreciate help in this, thanks everyone
  9. Tandy sells Eco-flo for burnishing your edges. Eco-flo is gum tragacanth,watered down, save yourself some money and go to a bakery supply store or spice store,or even a middle eastern market. Ask for powdered astragalus root,which is the same exact thing,It comes in powdered and whole root form. Super cheap,Bakers use it to make fondants and it is so much cheaper buying it this way.It is also sold as a paste. But I prefer the powder version. All you have to do is scoop up a little powder,add it to a jar and add water. Put the lid on and shake to mix. Add a little more Trag. To get the consistency just right.Now you can have yourself a fresh supply on hand when you need to burnish your veg tan edges. And your saving money and time in the long run. Plus if your heading into flu and cold season,make yourself some soup and add a little astragalus root to the recipe,it helps builds up your immune system.so you don't get sick.I learned that from a Herbalist. That's got me to thinking and Now I'm wondering what would the effect be to use a thick piece of the actual astragalus root to do the burnishing. Hmmm. By the way this is one of The BEST THREADS YET! Thanks to all of you.Like they say " Necessity is the mother of invention ".
  10. Please tell me about this machine. Would it be a good choice for light to medium weight leather? Im making purses and bags. Using 69 on up to 138 bonded nylon. Occasionally 207. Would this machine work for that purpose. Also does anyone know the size of the cylinder arm? Thank you.
  11. Hi everyone,my name is Suzie, I am so pleased with this site and would like to say thank you everyone,young,old,seasoned expert and novice alike. this has become part of my daily ritual,exploring all the information and I am blown away at the comradery that exists between everyone here. I've been visiting this site almost everyday since I've joined back in October 2014. It would only be fair to contribute with the wealth of knowledge right here at any time It is money well spent and so glad I've found you all. I finally got the courage up, and thought I would introduce myself,and perhaps ask for a little guidance from time to time as I'm on the green side of all this "leather "business".But I've been bitten by the bug BAAAAADDDD and now I'm at a point in my life that I can and have chosen to dive in all the way,head first and pursue the craft in more serious manner. The more I learn about what can be done the more I become entranced and obsessed. So thank god for this site, and all of you.Now for my first question of which I'm sure won't be my last: I apologize for the repetition,cause I know this question has been asked before. But what machine would compliment a cowboy 4500? For sewing on the lighter end of the spectrum. Let's say light to mid weight leather purses,bags,and the linings. Also will be needing to install zippers and trim,along with the occasional embellishment.I will also be using upholstery cloth.I'm looking for a cylinder bed,which I can accommodate with a flat bed attachment if needed. Servo motor, But would really appreciate some expertise on choosing a machine that will bring me many years of service. I'm not opposed to purchasing a used machine if it is of good quality and mechanically sound. I did check out the various Tech sew models 2600,2700,2750,2800. Not quite clear on what makes each one specially different.As I'm sure there are many other machines that I am not aware of. I do love my 4500 cowboy though(thanks to Ryan Neel at Neels saddlery in Ohio)which sews beautifully but I need something that can accommodate thread down to 69 on up to 138 or even 207 tops.I could ask Ryan Neel but was curious of Any suggestions on makes and model numbers and their clone counterparts that you all might suggest too. Does anybody have a favorite machine as their "go to" for this kind of work? I happen to live in north eastern Pennsylvania,so I have to keep that in mind to keep the shipping cost down. Oh, and if I were to be purchasing a used machine,what to watch out for and fair prices for such. So I don't end up with a piece of s"crap". Thanks everyone. Suzie,aka suznu
  12. Hey psst,just a little secret,shhh,they're basically both the same machine,just painted a different color.They are made in the same factory. At least that's what I've been told. Where they may vary is Cowboy has stainless pressure feet,accessories,not sure about artisan. I have a cowboy 4500,it's the daddy of em all, and by the way I LOVE my Cowboy, I would personally go for the machine that offers the best tech support . Plus I would bet those guys at Neels saddlery or Toledo (contact info at top of page) would help you with any questions you may have,now,or down the road. Maybe you could contact them and find out what makes each machine stand out once it gets to the dealership. I know they do a lot of tweaking and adjusting once they arrive to the states and they stand by they're products long after the sale. Also if you have to have it shipped,which machine would offer the best shipping costs. It's always hard to make these decisions when you know your going to be spending a lot of time with your machine and it is a big investment. So I wish you the best.
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