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  1. Hi Tina,

    I came across one of your replies to a question, yes this is random but I Have a question. I just received a snakeskin and it has already been tanned and so now I have a dried piece. I want to know from that point what is the process of dying it? Is it easy to do or would it be better outsourcing to a tannery? I ask because Im looking to sale them. And also I see that some skins are smooth but I don't want mines to be. Any help/advice is highly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

  2. Love your face on this one :-)
  3. Hi again :-) I can se that they have croco in black, brown and cognac (in the reptile section). I don't know any others yet...Il'l be back if I find any others :-)
  4. I buy from these people from time to time (Denmark) http://www.laederiet.dk/products/custom-skins/c-24/c-533
  5. To get a nicer light purple/lilac color, try mixing in some light pink...drop by drop :-)
  6. Hi Mike ;-) I really like your work here, power tools or not. I do agree on the prices of tools here in some parts of Europe, simply to much. I still have tools (Dremel) from the US i use here in SWE, a big converter and 'Bob's your uncle' ;-) I even used that converter on my sewing mashine before converted it properly in to 230V.
  7. I don't think this is stamped...A good artist with an eye for details will be able to make this with: a swivel knife, bevellers in various sizes and some good modeling tools ... Plus som background tools too ;-)
  8. I have also used them more than once but not for leather...yet! Just hardware, some sealfur and tools. Very easy people to deal with (I use the phone and the english language :-) ) I transfer the money by IBAN code and get the package to Sweden quickly. ps, I just remeber that I even sent for stuff from them when I lived in the US...
  9. For hot foil stamping try these people out: http://www.phillipsengraving.com/Magnesium_Dies.html I have my Makers mark stamp from them and I'm really happy with the service, the price and the stamp :-)
  10. I found interesting things on your website (which was new to me) but..I do really want some prices on there, to ask for quotes is just a step to much :-)
  11. I have tried a few black dyes and the only one (in my book) that gets that desired real black color is from Angelus called Jet Black. It goes on easy and buffs easy too :-)
  12. Here's what I found...Or just make a search for "food safe resin" http://www.ebay.com/itm/EPOXY-RESIN-FOOD-SAFE-CRYSTAL-CLEAR-COLOR-STABLE-HIGH-IMPACT-COATING-24-OZ-KIT-/310123985135
  13. The pictures looks exactly like a patience and casing problem. You have to wet the leather enough but also WAIT long enough to start the beveling. 1. Let the cased leather sit overnight in a bag. 2.Take out and then let "dry" until the surface looks and feels dry...Very important! 3. NOW is the time to start your work. These steps should take away your problems :-)
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