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    We have manufactured leather products for a MAJOR motorcycle company for the last 27 years

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  1. Sorry the prices are a little high. Most all the machinery was bought new, and we are pricing them at we thought best. If you are seriously interested in something, please make an offer. All we can do is say no.
  2. We have been a manufacturing facility for a major motorcycle company for the last 27 years. We will be closing our doors and liquidating the equipment and building in a few months. This is not a situation where things are sitting in storage and have unknown damage. Everything is currently being used in production and in good working order. We will be finishing out a few product lines, and as soon as production is over the equipment will be available to purchase (within a few months). Everything is pictured and priced on our website, http://midwestcustommanufacturing.wordpress.com All prices negotiable, especially if you are purchasing more than piece. Thank you.
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