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  1. I used Fiebing´s oil dye in black für the background, for the white I used Fiebing´s Acrylic paint. Dry after I used a lightly coat neatsfoot oil over the increase. Than I used carefull Fiebing´s antique finish with a brush on the tooled area, one by one carefull with a paper towel wipe off
  2. I use Fiebing´s Institutional Leather Dye in Red and Tan, not diluted.
  3. I startet my first try with airbrush, I was surprised that it has so works well. I was not sure if I should apply hi liter, but now I'm glad that I did it I'm happy, it will not be the last
  4. this Tool Bag I made for my husband´s birthday, he's so happy and proud. Do not look too closely, I have made many mistakes by the cut´s, but I will lern to do it better
  5. Hello at all, My name is Barbara and I started with leatherwork at february this year. I started with collars for my hounds, than with collars for the dogs of my friends and now I had a little shop. I think it's a virus, every day I can't wait until I have time for it. Working with leather makes me very happy! I hope you understand my english, I do my best Greetings Barbara
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