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  1. I use only Fiebings spirit dye applied with an airbrush. Followed by Fiebings antiquing paste. When dry for 2-3 days I use Fiebings Leather Balm with atom wax. Buff when dry.
  2. I don't mean to rag on your seat, its very nicely done, but, I've never seen a seat done that way.....The graphic and lettering are upside down from the usual way of doing things. Dave Theobald
  3. one word of advice, if your making motorcycle seats, you don't want to dye your seats black. It rubs off and your customer will be walking around with a black butt. They won't be happy! There is NOTHING that will prevent the rub off, trust me on this one guys, lots of guys say they can prevent it with satin sheen, or super sheen. Well as soon as that sheen rubs off the black will rub off also. AVOID BLACK DYE. Any black seats that I do I use factory dyed black leather with no tooling..... Dave Theobald
  4. The edge braiding is two color Mexican braid. Thanks everyone for the kind words.
  5. These seats were made for the International Federation of Leather Guilds annual show last year. I hope you enjoy them.
  6. Your art work and airbrush work is impecable. I doubt its longevity. I'd like to see one of these seats after a season of heavy riding.. Good looking seat though, I just think its a show bike seat.
  7. One question, have you done a black seat with white paint on it before?
  8. I always hated doing "read-a-seats" had a customer that wanted an entire 35 word verse plus a gothic cross, with flowing banner and roses...... I told him I would put the name of the Chapter and the numbers of the verse. He didn't want that. I try to limit my writing to 3 words...... Just works out better that way. I declined the job. He had another leatherworker do it. The guy used Tandy letter stamps......oh man it looked like .....well you know. So happy I never had to put my name on that one.
  9. I guess I'm just a bit weird, I love to lace…..The bicolor stuff looks complicated but once you get started its not bad. Just takes time. And it doesn't take a huge amount of time to pick up the basics, again its just time and repetition. I was fortunate, I made my first seat and the right guy saw it……then I made about 300 seats for them in a 2-3 year span. So, now doing a seat is like …. falling down… its easy to do…. Thanks for the nice comments. Dave
  10. There are several Tandy Craftool stamps with that texture. A889 A888 A888-2
  11. Just finished my first seat in a while. I wanted to try lacing with brass grommets in both sides. I also wanted to try heavier leather. This seat is all 11-12 oz. leather. I normally use 8-9 oz. leather All in all, I think it turned out ok. I liked tooling the heavier leather of course. But lacing with grommets.....it may be quite a while before I do that again. The two color lacing was a lot of fun. I like the look of it, but it is time consuming. Dave Theobald
  12. No idea what they are for, but they sure demonstrate incredible craftsmanship. Thanks for sharing. David Theobald
  13. Beautiful work, that hand stitching is amazing. I like the tooling just as it is. Dave
  14. High density neoprene from Foam and More do internet search for them. Dave
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