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  1. well, sorry that you felt this way. I am sure your method is perfectly clear and clean for you and that's why you are going with it. and hope this makes you feel better. I had punched both sides before as to me it was a more clean' look then working with a diamond awl for the back stitches as I am still practising and my back straight stitches looked very messy but now more I practice I see that they are almost looking as perfect as the face side and it was 'odd' to use extra punching on the back when I can achive what I need w my awl and well I am enjoying the process of seeing how my stitches are getting better w time w only using awl, I also like the look of it more than punching both sides.
  2. thanks kidinsky, i usually like to follow the traditional craft and trying to work the leathers it w an awl now, excited to try about the portmentau though.. 25b, I dont understand why the subject has to come to 'you' and 'us' as we are talking about different approaches here under different methods, I believe expressing an opinion about any technique should not be a cause to trouble
  3. I see, I got what you mean DavidL. thank you for the photos! one last thing, you said If you use portmanteau on the front side then your hole would look like this \ but when I use my 'regular' vergez iron, my stitches on the face look like \ , have you made a wrong spell there? here is the photo, and I used regular vergez iron 10 here
  4. my vergez diamond awl shape follows the shape of regular my reg pricking iron but if the slants are reversed in portmentau wouldnt the cut shape of the my diamond awl create an X w the portmentau - I was wondering.
  5. thanks Kevinp, can you see my last photos on page 1 and see if the blue hermes bag has the inverse pricking iron on the front stitch, can a regular awl still be used w the inverse pricking iron or does the awl also have to be inversed?(in other terms is there anything like inverse awl?)
  6. Thank you Macca, twinoaks and all, Here is my stitches the black one, and saw they were in different direction w the blue hermes one when I was using the regular pricking iron, couldnt figure out if hermes one was made w the inverse iron/portmentau ..
  7. Hi Yoji, funny thing I am originally from istanbul, turkey and the image you have sent me above is a turkish online store..I am checking the webstore right now! (and well actually buying...) thanks much for your description!, (I recently bought l'indespansible and love it so far) thanks again
  8. hi yoji, I would be interested in the paint from mando, have never tried it, please let me know if you can make it available. thanks & bon voyage
  9. hi DavidL, thank you much for your post, very helpful! I have size 10 and it looks a little short than bigger hermes bag stitches, Can you explain please also why Hermes uses portmanteau instead of regular irons for the front side? Is it only the direction of the angled stitches that change in that case?
  10. hi, beginner here and I recently started saddle stitching w vergez blanchard tools and I use cheaper remnant leathers to practice and they never come in thin quality sizes, although I use a skiving knife to thin the thick edges, usually I deal w leather where my pricking tool wont help to leave/ marks on the back side, is using REVERSE / INVERSE PRICKING IRON which i recently found on vergez tools website, is it for this purpose? /also do you know which pricking size hermes uses usually? no. 10 or 9 please? / thank you!
  11. hi, how can I clean this water drop stain on my commercial leather wallet please?
  12. hi, I wonder if a round knife is for cutting or skiving? I am planning to buy a Vergez Blanchard round knife but need it for cutting as I have a seperate skiving knife already. Thank you!
  13. thank you much for the replies, I use a VB compass to mark 1/8 inch on both sides but as I cannot find the perfect spot when using the awl to rip, the back looks not lined. MAcca, thanks yes I will change the thread! Trampsleather, thanks for the videos Snubby fan, beautiful! thank you.
  14. hi, I was wondering if there is any Hermes artisan whom I can contact and ask a question which I long have been looking and cannot find an answer ever? thank you!
  15. hi. I use vergez blanchard 10 pricking iron and although the front side looks nicer, the back always is messy 'especially' if I am using a thicker leather and piercing with an awl? Is it just practice or which step I am missing? Here is how it usually looks, whenever I use awl and try to hold 90 degrees to leather, it is not a straight line at the back. thanks
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