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  1. Craftsman Made


    Lovely belts. Great photo's
  2. Craftsman Made

    My leather bound B-bender project

    Stunning!! How long did it take to do?
  3. Gorgeous work, what a wonderful gift!! Love the cross stitching.
  4. Craftsman Made

    been a while

    Got to agree... Very nice work indeed. Any chance of some pics of the inside of the bags?
  5. Craftsman Made

    Crossdraw Sheath

    Very nice indeed.
  6. Craftsman Made

    Another Polish Briefcase.

    Beautiful. Craftsmanship at it's finest.
  7. Craftsman Made

    Saddlebags (Nearly Finished)

    Stunning work!!
  8. Craftsman Made

    Small Tricks For The Leatherworker

    This is one of the best threads on this site. I would like to add my four pennies worth. A few years back a guy asked if I could do him a shed load of 60" straps which had to be edge stained. He was then going to cut them up and use them as strapping for chair seats. Long story short I thought about it and came up with this. It is 6 feet in length and the thin strips are the same length but are cut 1/4" - 3/8" - 1/2" - 5/8" - 3/4" - 7/8" - 1". The strips can be used in any combination to make the strap sit proud of the block so it can be stained along it's length upto 72" in one easy go.
  9. Craftsman Made

    Guitar Straps & A Belt

    Very nice work indeed!! Love the colour of the Wickett & Craig.
  10. Craftsman Made

    Woodland Fantasy Pouch

    Nice work!
  11. Simply stunning work!!! How long did it take?
  12. Very nice indeed. Like the way the loop is finished.
  13. Craftsman Made

    Chess Board

    Outstanding work!!
  14. Craftsman Made

    Chess Board

    That's neat, it will look great when finished.