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  1. Looking for information on how to set up and adjust the single drive tube rivet setter on the MT900...
  2. That button is called a needle knot....You can get a good book on how to make them and how to hitch from Clay Christensen " How To Hitch Horsehair"...Book is $25 plus shipping... You can find him on Facebook...its a very well written book and I've gotten a lot people started hitching with it....
  3. Thank you sirs!... Mr Wizcraft, that's what I seen also... Leaning towards passing on this one... Will share lady's post for others on here though... If allowable.. Ohio Facebook site: Albany/Athens buy sell giveaway..
  4. Thanks again!... Lady has it set up with 69 now... Rarely ever use that small of thread... Just expanded shop and have room for yet another machine!... Guess I'm getting lazy in my young age, tired of having to change needles and tread... Looking at getting a machine for a single process during production runs... My Chief Financial Adviser ( Wife) is sure questioning why I need machine #7 though!... Lol
  5. Thank you sir!... Did a quick search but didn't find much on this machine... Know where there's one for sale, not sure if it'll work for what I'm needing though... Was hoping this machine could handle up to 138 top thread and go thru 3/16(5mm) ... Trying to find out before making a hour drive to go look at it!...
  6. looking for general info on a Singer 47-66....How thick will it sew?...Heaviest thread it can handle..Will be using to sew two layers of nylon to 5oz suede...what's a machine that's just been gone thru,set up on a flat table, with clutch motor worth?
  7. Thank you very much for the information,Sir!....
  8. Looking for info on a #6 J English, Newerk, New Jersey head knife...All I've found so far is company was started in 1828 and was sold in 1856...
  9. Thank you!.... Using a IPhone and don't know how to reduce pictures to fit on here yet... I picked this one up for making lace and for using as a lap skiver.... Is the handle spring the same size as the replacement springs for rot wry punches?... Look about the same... Checked what you pointed out and everything looks good... My main splitter is a American hand crank and it doesn't like to do thin lace
  10. Found this H. L. Osborne Splitter/Skiver at a flea market... Came out of a shop that was closed in 1942 and had been packed in a barn since...Know it was made in 1905 or earlier It's all there and everything works, blades even halfway sharp... Is missing a leaf spring on handle but its the same size as newer rotary punches... Ordering a replacement one from Weaver.. Now the big question .... What's it worth?
  11. I just had the lense replaced in my left eye 8/13..Was amazed at how simple it was! Was only in there about 10 min.Was able to drive to follow up appt next day. Will still have to wear reading glasses also,but can see great. Will be different being able to tool while seeing out of both eyes. Looking forward to getting back to horsehair hitching too....Good luck with yours......Ken
  12. I would also like any info you have. Stan Groff made me a saddle slicker and a matching pounder back when I lived in MT. Liked them so well,I traded him for another set for my brother. When I ended up moving East we fell out of touch. When I heard about the flooding, I wondered if he was still there. Let me know how I can help. What are thay looking for to sell at the auction? Ken Smith Durn! Just seen post tonight and missed it. Would still like to know if I could help out.
  13. Thanks guys! Was made for a right handed man,cross draw while wearing chaps or horseback. He'll be carrying it on left side in frount of hip.
  14. Latest knife sheathe.Was made for a really nice hand made knife.
  15. I am also looking for any info on a Silver Royal saddle. The only ones I've been able to find were low end saddles and this one is very well made. Only numbers on it are "2-89" which i'm guessing is when it was made. Pulled silver off latago keeper,but no numbers or stamps under it. Silver on it is pretty nice and looks like it came with saddle.Took this one in on trade and am trying to find info on it before setting it out for sale.
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