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  1. Very impressive, you have a good eye. I see a really solid design for it being a first. Awesome work my friend
  2. I have a Cobra NP-4 skiving machine, and looks damn near identical. I'd give them a call over @ Leather Machine Company (https://www.leathermachineco.com/) ask for cobra Steve:) hope this helps
  3. Thanks for the link and recommendation, I just dropped an order and waiting now for it to come in:) I usually shop at Tandy's but their colors and types of thread are limited:( cant wait to try this. I feel I'm ready for the upgrade if its half of what I have been reading about it:)
  4. I have a cobra class 4 that have a flat bed attachment over the cylinder arm. I swore I saw a cowboy cylinder arm machine with one as well. On the cobra website I ordered mine for $95 as an accessory after I realized they made one:) If you haven't contacted them yet, I would ask them at Toledo.
  5. It sounds like you have your mind pretty set. I see it like this, if its a purchase you are happy about making, and you can comfortably afford it. Get it while you can and have fun with it. I have three myself, but I still find myself hand sewing. The downside with a machine is every stitch path has to be planned and you will have to pull out a scrap piece to check your settings every time (set up time). Hand stitching you can pop a stitch on the fly in less time, and headache. I love using both and a machine opens so many doors to styles and cutting down on product time. Hope this helps, and also everyone here make really good points. I'm glad that you came here for advice, that is why I love this forum we help one another.
  6. I saw a video on Tandy's website and it shows some of the details. With their craftaides it gives you info on the tools used so you can try it out. being a not so good tool-er, it is hard to determine what would be best to use for what.
  7. For this being a first post, you really blew the hinges off the door! nice work:)
  8. You have a great eye for detail, I look forward to seeing more of your work here:) Truly inspiring
  9. Is it me or did you add a splattered blood effect on the shoulders? Nice work, I love it
  10. I find using the Fiebing's saddle soap w/glycerin before Appling a color tends to come out a little more even, and your less likely to have contamination on the surface that acts as a blocker/ blotch-er.
  11. Thank you:) I did see that one, but I was hoping for a craftaid type of pic that kinda guides on the tools you can use along the image.
  12. I'm trying to find a good tooling pattern of a bald eagle in flight. I've tried the patterns on the leather craft library and not too impressed, because they seem too generic on the body, the wings look good. I'm not the best it tooling, but I do like a challenge. Any suggestions are a huge help, I tried the search here and really didn't find anything which is why I'm bugging y'all:)
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