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  1. Secondgunman

    Cambell and Randell newbe thread questions?

    Thanks for the response
  2. Happy easter weekend all. I was wondering if anyone could help with the choice polyester vs nylon cord in this machine. Can i get them pre lubed? Do they need to be lubed? Am I putting to much thought into this? Cambell Recommended polyester because they said nylon stretches a bit. Then on the flip side of the coin a local leather veteran said use the nylon no need for lube. But that being said he runs an Equally old but slightly different Landis machine. Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated someone with Hand on cambell Experience would be exceptional. Thanks for your time.
  3. Secondgunman

    Used cambell randel stitcher?

    Well ok ill bite.... ive now already purchased the machine didnt want to loose the opportunity i never see these for sale in my part of the country so that being said the machine is in perfect mechanical condition but it’s unrestored and Aesthetically could use some love. paint is worn off from years of use. I would upload a picture but apparently the resolution is to high. Thanks for the response i hope it Serves me well. I would have loved a cobra But this thing makes beautiful stitches and was only a few hundred bucks. Thanks for all the information i found on this site.
  4. Hello all! Im still fairly green as far as leather work but i know already im tired of hand stiching and came across a used but working cambell machine. I was wondering if the market was still demanding a healthy price for these and what I should offer. Thanks