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  1. Hi, It has been tanned a second time with vegetable extracts . This changes the character of the leather in many aspects. The leather is being sold under the tradename of California Double Tanned Skirting. The leather can be ordered through me or directly through Wickett. I will be happy to explain the differences in very extensive detail if you wish. I can be reached at siegel.leather@gmail.com
  2. Because it is not the SAME leather. Please do not post things that are untrue.
  3. There are now only 2 days left in our Sale of Sales which includes US Vegetable Tanned Leather, Brass Hardware, Chap Leather, Metallics and even an opportunity to purchase and re-sell. Can be viewed at http://www.siegelofca.com/fridayspecial/112910/121410c.htm
  4. Received 2/14/11 Just wanted to say, I haven't had any issues with your company on the two orders I have made. That said, I commend you for your public offer to make things right. I only order about 4-5 hides a year, but based on my experiences, I am certainly willing to order from you again. BTW, the Happy Cow (slaughter free) leather is very nice, and is making some really nice wallets. Thanks, A
  5. Received 2/15/11 People need to understand that it is not what happens in business it is how you react to what happens in business, send the specials to me please! I impulse buy all the time! Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry -----Original Message----- From: "Steven Siegel" <siegel.leather@gmail.com> Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 09:38:17 To: Subject: We still have specials; sent one out last night. Would you like a copy? ......., could you send me either your telephone number or customer number so we can send you a gift? Regards, Steve -----Original Message----- From: Sent: Tuesday, February 15, 2011 6:38 AM To: siegel.leather@gmail.com Subject: I had minimal purchases from you being just a little guy, always had great luck with the product that I got from you. I really did look forward to the Friday specials! ……………………………………………….. The Friday specials def got me to buy stuff that I didn't need too! everything was always accurately describe. I can tell you're making an honest effort, and I want to start seeing the Friday specials again!(Not sure why they stopped?) -A
  6. RWe have received over 3,000 views to the posts regarding our company's level of service, some positive and some not. Customer service is something that I take very personally. We have added 3 well-seasoned employees to our staff. In the last couple of weeks we have received many complimentary emails and I would like to share them with you. Our business was built upon our ability to VERY ACCURATELY describe the leather which a customer would be receiving, particularly for bargain lots; ending up with many pleased customers. We always guaranteed our descriptions by offering free return freight to let the customer know that we were shopping for them, not just to get "rid of whatever was on the shelf". Currently, we have an incredible sale going on. It includes leather, solid brass & chrome on brass buckles FAR below wholesale value and Lexol products at such low prices, that someone who was industrious could probably buy from us and re-sell to the local equestrian shop and turn a profit. The link to our special is : Some of our customer comments are included in the following emails.
  7. After this, I will not be checking this board at all. 1) I specialize in leathers and it is very EASY to come by garment horsehide. As it is not a stock item, we would only purchase it for a customer if the quantity purchased was economically viable.. Perhaps this was not clear to you in my response. I tried to be polite by answering you. I am sorry that you have decided to have taken your private question & my response to a public forum to ADD TO THE HATRED THAT HAS BEEN DIRECTED TOWARDS ME.
  8. Someone by the name of Sarah called (re:Web) for me and was put on hold and we lost the call. Sarah, please call back!!!! Thanks, Steve
  9. Please email me as requested above. I would like to send something along to you. We had a great conversation and you gave me some good advice.
  10. Hi, This is Steven Siegel. The MOST important thing to me has been honesty and ethics in business which should translate into good customer service and good value for money spent. I would like to hear from ANYONE who has had a customer service issue with our company at ANY time in the last 100 years (I'll even take responsibility for my grandfather... He took care of me). Email me (do not call) with a BRIEF description of the issue and customer number/phone number so I can research the account TO siegel.leather@gmail.com 1) If the issue was resolved satisfactorily, I will send you a free gift, either some Sedgwick Leather Care or a skin of Leather or some Hardware (tell me which you prefer) OR 2) If the issue was NOT satisfactorily resolved, I will work out a solution which should make ANYONE very pleased with the resolution. To me, this is NOT about MONEY/BUSINESS, it is about taking care of the people who put their trust in us when they ordered and were disappointed for whatever reason. Best Regards, Steven Siegel, CEO Siegel of California, Inc
  11. Sir, No one is holding anyone hostage. (Please see my other post) My Bible would encourage people to find peace with their fellow men. (With all due respect to the Lord, I am as guilty as the next person of not following this advice.) Peace brings unity, strength, love, health and prosperity. Dnn't you agree? Regards, Steven Siegel
  12. Hi Bryan, The reason for dropping the advertising was because we were NOT servicing this clientele the way that they should be serviced. It was not retribution. I do care about y'all, it's just that we are not the company for many of you. I was not the one to make this a public issue. I have been bashed on 3 different threads for the last few months from this board. Some of the comments were EXACTLY RIGHT ON, but there were so many that were nothing but hateful; like the fellow that said take me off your mailing list, but, refused to give us the information to find him. To me, that is just spiteful and in poor taste. The other leather companies that advertise on this board are set up much better to service y'all. And as far as support of the :"industry" many of you know that we have given away 100's of thousands of dollars of leather for FREE to help others. I wish y'all well. Best Regards, Steven Siegel, CEO Siegel of California, Inc
  13. HI I find it particularly disappointing that Leatherworker.net (through Johanna) has turned this into a public issue. She has chosen to not disclose to y'all that the request to edit the previous posts was originally HER idea, not mine. Well I am sure there are some of you who have made up your minds and some of you who have not yet formed an opinion. I am sure that most of you expect people to do what they say they are going to do. I do also. I have email trails of promises from Johanna which were not kept.. There are a plethora of unkept promises. This is a vendor issue. I joined this board to exchange information. I have donated 100's of thousands of dollars of leather over the years to so many people. So maybe some of those people are on this board. However, this is consuming too much of my time, which does affect customer service. Y'all take care. Steven Siegel
  14. Hi, This is Steven Siegel. Your refund was issued on Thursday according to our records. Please accept my apology. Your refund should have been issued earlier. You are absolutely correct and should have had an earlier resolution. On Thursday, I had an experience with a vendor that I had been trying to reach for weeks. I received an email on Wed to call the vendor on Thursday. I made 6 calls to the vendor with no success. When I sent the vendor an email to tell them that I had been trying to reach them and could not, I was called a liar and delusional. I sent them a copy of my telephone records to show the 6 calls made. I do care about my customers. That is the reason that we offer free return freight. But, when we overpromise and underdeliver, it is not good for anyone. Again, I do apologize for the delay that you incurred. Regards, Steven Siegel
  15. Good Day: Growing up in this business, I would always get the definitions of Plivers and Skivers mixed up. I would frequently find myself asking my Uncle Jake, innumerable times to explain the difference. For my benefit, and hopefully for some of y'all that have the same problem that I do in remembering the difference, I would like to memorialize the differences: Pliver: The leather is dry split after being tanned or dyed. It includes the epidermis and may include the corium. It is most commonly produced on chrome leather. Skiver: This leather consists of the epidermis only. It is split after liming, before being tanned. It is usually vegetable tanned. The most common uses are for book binding and shoe linings. The logical conclusion is that Genuine Skivers are more expensive than Plivers. I hope you all have a great weekend. Regards, Steven Siegel, CEO <B>Siegel of California, Inc<BR style="mso-special-character: line-break"><BR style="mso-special-character: line-break"></B>
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