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  1. What a cool machine!! I’ve never seen a left-handed machine before.
  2. He is quick to reply via PM on Instagram. He made a left handed version of his plough gauge for me at a very reasonable price. His English is quite decent and provided pricing & delivery leadtimes that were accurate.
  3. Congrats on the purchase. Looks like a nice stitch. I buy thread all over the place, mostly Bob at Toledo Sewing Machine but also Springfield Leather, Weaver & Cobra Steve. It all seems to be similar quality. Just buy it wherever you need to order leather or other supplies.
  4. I concur, veg tan almost certainly. If it were me, I’d use 7-8 oz.
  5. You can hopefully see condition.
  6. I have a Dixon that I have mostly restored/rebuilt. Full disclosure, the spring has been replaced, I made a new brass block w/ steel dovetailed wearplate(the original part was missing), new brass roller body and cleaned up most of the corrosion. I also had to replace the threaded elevation rod for the roller guide but the top is original. I couldn’t find a good condition one in the US so I imported it from the UK from the son of a 3 generation leatherworking family, so it has some mileage, but it works very well. I do have all the original parts that came with the gauge. The help twine was on it when I received it. I paid too much for it and have too much time in rebuilding it but don’t use it very much since I had Doldokki make me a left-handed version of his plough gauge. I’d sell it for $575 shipped
  7. I’m afraid that’s just the trial and error to figure it all out. When I’m prototyping a new pattern, I buy sheets of 5mm craft foam from Hobby Lobby or Michaels https://www.hobbylobby.com/Crafts-Hobbies/Basic-Crafts/Craft-Foam/Foam-Sheet---12-x-18/p/80763167 5mm is between 12-13 oz so just about perfect re: thickness of material. and it will tear along the stitching if your pattern is too tight. A lot cheaper that using leather. I can usually get 2-3 prototypes out of 1 sheet. Err on the side of slightly too loose for the stitch pattern vs. too tight as the foam has more stretch/give than leather. You will still need to fine tune once you translate to leather. Once you have a good pattern in the foam I cut the thread out and pull the glue apart and I can lay it flat on a piece of card stock to have a flat pattern. I’ll post a pic in a day or two when I can drag one out. I’m not currently near my shop space.
  8. That gun pictured has a Gold Cup type slide fitted. There is a sight rib milled into the slide. A standard 1911 Blue Gun will not work without modification. Oh, and based on the picture above the gun is a Colt 1911, with the Randall slide. 70S serial number range puts the frame as from a 1979 Series 70 MK IV Government Model
  9. Bob, thanks for sharing, that’s so unfortunate. I’ve always enjoyed the input Gregg has always added to the conversations here at LW.net
  10. I’ve never used it so I don’t have personal experience but in nearly a decade of using my Class 4, I’ve only run into a couple occasions where I thought the EPS would make my life easier...
  11. Of the half dozen or so I’ve used, these made by Touro are the best that I’ve used. I bought mine on eBay, but this is a US source: https://www.goldstartool.com/4-1-2-straight-ball-bearing-thread-nippers-touro-tesoura.htm No affiliation.
  12. 1.) after awhile you tend to get a sense of how soon your bobbin needs to be replaced before starting a long run. 2.) if you want to use the remainder of your bobbin, pull out enough of the stitches so you have a decent tail to pull the stitches taut and back up several stitches and start stitching with a full bobbin. This will effectively “lock” the old and new stitches in place. The only downside of this is doubled stitches in that area. Cut the ends and burn them like the beginning and end and all set. 3.) if appearance is critical, pull the stitches and start over in the same holes.
  13. Uwe also sells an edge guide that comes with both the roller and flat edge guide. It’s the same one I use made by Kwok Hing https://uwe.store/collections/edge-guides/products/ug441k-edge-guide-kit
  14. Welcome, my experiences have generally lined up with Jason Ingle’s presentation done on learnleather.com website. He does things a bit different from what I’ve figured out on my own, but I learned a lot of nuance from this video. Jason puts it pretty succinctly. As far as the reinforcement panel, I do feel the benefits outweigh any negatives. The added layer of glue & leather combine with the wet moulding to give more definition to the mouth opening.
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