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  1. gl2t1a

    Clicker Dies

    Holster dies are sold. Will sell remaining billets for $100
  2. gl2t1a

    Clicker Dies

    I can sell the pieces seperately. PM for a quote. Mike
  3. gl2t1a

    Clicker Dies

    From my shop that closed in 2015. Good sharp Weaver-made clicker dies. Billets shown with ruler for size. The regular and crossdraw holsters are Meanea patterns and make the final product pictured. The holster dies are for 7 1/2" Colts and clones and the pattern can be shortened to fit shorter guns. Pictures are of 7 1/2" and 5 1/2" holsters Sorry I didn't have better images. Prefer to sell as a lot for total $450. PM me for additional info. Shipping at cost.
  4. Will consider best reasonable offer for this machine to make room in my shop for other items.
  5. Sure...this was wife's grandad's machine. NFS
  6. Machine was purchased from Campbell-Bosworth in Yoakum, Tx, completely refurbished in 2002. Never a lease machine. Comes with bobbin winder, stitch guide arm, additional box stitching arch cover, manuals and parts catalogs. Spare bobbins, needles, awls and tools included. Has clutch motor and various speed reducers. Lays down perfect stitches top and bottom with no foot tracks. Uses linen as well as or better than bonded nylon or polyester. There is no machine that can match the old Campbell for heavy leather stitching. Machine was well maintained and is in excellent condition. One of the last machine items to be offered after closing out gunleather business in 2016. This is the machine you see Conway use to stitch a penny to a ¾” layer of leather in Campbell’s old video demo. Crating and shipping at cost. Machine cost $5800 in 2002. Will sell for $4500. If you’re outside USA I just can’t handle the shipping logistics, sorry.
  7. Liquidating leather shop machinery. Here is an automatic feed foot press rivet machine. Although the name plate is missing, it looks to be a Tubular Rivet and Stud Company machine vintage about 1947 or so. Currently set up for 5/16" tubular rivets it automatically feeds the rivet, punches the hole and sets the rivet with either a splash anvil or cap - and does it flawlessly as did most machines of that era. Hopper holds easily 1000 rivets which it sorts, orients and feeds automatically. I have owned and operated this machine for over a decade in a gunleather shop and it has never needed anything but more rivets. Local pickup preferred - weighs about 350# More photos here: https://eugene.craigslist.org/search/sss?query=rivet press&sort=rel Will also be listing the smaller Heritage press in the background soon. It's set up for belt loop staples but I still have the small auto-feed rivet mechanism. PM for more info.
  8. Liquidating gunleather shop equipment and tools. Universal Shoe Machinery Corporation leather tool band knife leather splitter made by Camoga in Italy. Model No. C400S. Sixteen inch width capacity. Band knife splitters can thin heavy skirting-type veg-tanned leather from 12-13 oz down to about 3 oz. Motor feeds the leather. Splits come out with excellent flesh-side finish. Instead of buying the more expensive skived sides, just buy skirting and thin it to the desired thickness for your project. This machine was fed clicker-cut holster patterns for a uniform 7-8oz production item. Machine includes knife sharpening feature. Operates on 220 v 3-phase. Older machine but in good production working condition. I can provide a phase converter with purchase if you only have single-phase electricity for extra $$. Weighs 915# so local pickup in Cottage Grove, OR is best but may be able to ship for cost. Asking $1100
  9. gl2t1a

    Ideal Model C Clicker

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