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  1. RossCustomLeather

    Singer 144W103 Sewing Machine For Sale

    144w103 Singer sewing machine is located near Richmond, Virginia.
  2. RossCustomLeather

    Singer 144W103 Sewing Machine For Sale

    Singer 144w103 walking foot sewing machine without reverse for sale. I purchased machine in refurbished condition in 2009 from a sewing machine dealer and used infrequently. Sewing machine includes servo motor, table with light, bobbin winder, and thread holder. $1,500.00 USD and purchaser pays for shipping. If interested in purchasing please email
  3. RossCustomLeather

    24-32 Kangaroo Leather Romal Reins

    Hello, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their encouraging remarks concerning my work. In reference to the question, "What are the cores?": All cores are round leather belting.
  4. Photo attached of most recent work, 24/32 braid kangaroo leather romal reins. Additional photographs and description at Rein strings .0550 in., romal strings .0545 in., and button strings .0470 in.
  5. RossCustomLeather

    Latest Work

    Recently completed 24-32 kangaroo leather romal reins (photo attached). Complete description and additional photos of reins at