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    Fabricating English Harness and equestrian leather goods, 18th and 19th century military and civilian leather goods and most anything my wife and daughter dream up. I'm also a blacksmith, Barnbuilder, Paramedic and business owner.

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  1. Hey all: I am a long time hobby leather worker and restorer, but am hit with a project that I need to as for help. (My daughter is an (English) rider and has advanced to a regional show, and needs a nicer halter). The place I am stuck is making the throat latch- it is rounded and has flat ends to attach to a ring at one end, and a snap at the other. I have a rein rounder in my tool box (I picked it up a decade or two ago figuring I would need it someday<G>), and have found a good tutorial online how to lube and round reigns, etc... My question is the ends- does anyone have a pattern or a drawing of the proportion of the folded over English point that goes around the ring? I hope this question makes sense- I know what I am asking, but am having a hard time putting it into words<G> Many thanks Hank Pictures below for clarification of what part I am struggling with
  2. Hey all! I need to make a set of shot shell pouches for a trapshooter. One that holds a box of 25 unfired shells, and one that the spent shells get saved in. I can make a set of patterns, but if someone is willing to share, it would save me time. Thanks! Hank
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