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  1. Thanks for all the compliments! I was very happy with the way it turned out! And yes Tina, the colors came out wonderfully!!! lots of mixing and washing, but I'm really happy with the result! as far as the pattern....I will try to get some copies made when i get settled in my new place! I am sure I could let my friends borrow an old pattern that I have without any problems! I'm thinking I have to do one with my neo sheridan designs, and i want to make one that is all black <GASP> but carved... I hate black! but you gotta have one that is all black for dressing up you know!
  2. Well here is my latest. I know I dont come around a whole lot anymore, but I still love to check out things and share some of my stuff! a little background.... I found the Old Tandy Aristocrat Hat pattern and thot it would be a great class for my store...and it was the class filled in less than a day with anxious students. We all picked a theme and went to work... Mine was Alice in Wonderland with a Pin up twist! I hope y'all like it... It was my first but definately not my last! I have five or six designs drawn up and plan on doing them all!
  3. thanks guys! its great to be back! and I have another project in the works as we speak, One that I hope will be just a little different..... I cant wait to get it done!
  4. Tina, WOW....that is superb! Your work always amazes me and is one of the biggest reasons I have missed being around! Thanks for keeping me amazed!
  5. Hello all, I know, I am never here anymore! of course my store keeps me uber busy and I dont get to make as much stuff as I'd like... but I was thinkin of y'all and decided I would toss some pics of my last big project up here and get some critiques... This ia a laptop case fully lined and padded with foam for comfort and safety....I'm pretty proud of the way it turned out! This was a class I held at my store in Boston, it went over well and hopefully as the student finish theirs Ill post pics of those as well, and yes, i direct all of them here too! =o) Ok, critique away! good to see y'all and know this nirvana still exists!
  6. Froghunter

    I DO Exist!!

    Thanks for all the kind words! And don't you worry Tina, I plan on being around more as things are finally starting to gel at the store! To answer your questions Johnny, Yes I used block out on the venus, I also used a watered down yellow cova on her hair, it's hard to see on the photo, but looks GREAT in person! =o) And yes, the wood was stained with the same Eco-Flo Tan antique gel as the leather was. The water based dyes work wonderfully on wood as well as leather. And if you are using a tighter grained hard wood, the effect leads to a monolithic look. Of course, I used cheap pine, but the tonality of the color makes them match pretty well. Hope that answers your question.
  7. Froghunter

    I DO Exist!!

    Hey guys and gals, It's been a while since I been around what with getting my store fine tuned to my liking but I have been offering classes and they have been UBER successful! Here is the latest project class we did at the store, it's a end table lamp. The construction is quite simple as you can probably tell from the pics. The students had a great time and I'll post pics of theirs as well as they finish up their projects. I started with a 12X13 piece of 8/9 oz 2nd quality leather, 2 3X5 and 1 6X9 pieces of craft wood (A.C. Moore) and a lamp kit and various pieces from Home Depot. Well here are the photos....and a BIG thanks to Marji who works for me for the idea of useing the "Birth of Venus" in this piece! Hopefully ZI'll get a pic with the lamp shade in place too!! Enjoy! and critique away, I gots big shoulders!! =o)
  8. The Floral Venus is the beginnings of a leather table lamp I am doing as an example for a class I am teaching later this month. I am hoping to do a tutorial as it progresses. Oh and sorry about the typo in the title......fruedian slip perhaps!
  9. sorry about the BIG pic...forgot to resize! Silly me.... Here are a couple more.. The hand bag and the tool bag were Charity event donations for a local lady who had a kidney transplant only a year or so after her son had one. They were hurting as a family so their friends raised them a bunch o monay to help out. Bikers are as bad as leather workers!! LOL!!!
  10. Been busier than a, well busy, busy, busy! But I have got to finish up a couple of little tidbits. Nothing OUTRAGEOUS lately, but here they are for your critique, comment and/or guffaw!
  11. EXCELLENT!!!! bring it by the store so's I can see it up close!
  12. Cal, There is a pattern in one of the Stohlman Making leather cases books, it's where I got the pattern for mine.... here is a couple pics of what I came up with. I know I had a pic of the inside but darned if I can find it. The block is solid wood with the holes drilled in the top for tools, swivel knives, etc. It's a great project and with a little imagination, I could see some grooves for modeling tools, and even some other stuff, well at least that is my plan for my next one. If you need to know which book it's in let me know and I will look and get back to you.
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