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  1. Thanks for the tip, and the pictures, on the Dremel burnishers. You wrote that you use burlap. I've read others that said they used canvas, or denim. I'll see what I have hanging around and use that. I had an idea to use a small diameter bolt. Grind the threads off part of the bolt until it fits in the Dremel. Then put two lock nuts on the remaining thread of the bolt. Put some canvas, burlap, denim, etc.. in between the two nuts, and squish the material in between the two nuts. Seemed it would be a cheaper alternative to buying drill bits. Starting my next project... magazine pouches. I think it will be a good use for the not-so-pretty leather around the outside of the slab of leather I have. I'd also like to try using dye. I've not done that, yet. Like you wrote... accomplish something new...
  2. I did some sanding and trimming with a Dremel. I don't think it was a lot. Maybe 1mm at most. Only a few places. Not all around. Mostly, I think I just set the stitching groover a bit smaller than I should have. I still need a lot more practice with that tool. The thing that bugs me the most is the little dings and dents in the areas that should be smooth. The leather started out pretty smooth, but ended up with the dings. Probably just from my handling. I'm not careful enough, or I just don't yet know what I'm doing to cause that. Edges were done with a wooden tool handle. I don't have a nice tool for doing edges, yet. I'm thinking of getting a good wooden wheel to fit a Dremel. Not too pricey. I have a few more projects planned. Having that edge wheel would save time, at least.
  3. Here's my first gun holster to fit my new S&W Shield. My second project, ever. Got the pattern from Adams Leather Works. The fit is great. Nothing fancy for this project. Did not even use any dye. All of the color comes from neetsfoot oil. Two coats of that. Then one application of Neetsfoot/Beeswax 50/50. Topped with Kiwi neutral. Edges done with gum trag.
  4. The original pouch for my knife fell apart many years ago. Thought the knife needed a new cover. Other than the obvious error with the stitching groover, I think it turned out well.
  5. I've just about finished my first project. A belt pouch for a folding knife. I'll do a write-up in the holster & knife sheathes section. I've also started my second project. A holster for my new pistol.
  6. Got a little practice with the new tools. Cut a few scraps with box cutter, smoothed edges with Dremel, beveled, grooved along edge, used over-stitch wheel, awled some holes, saddle stitched, burnished edges. The only surprise was the burnishing. Used some gum trag on one part of an edge.. water on the other part. Both came out smooth and shiny. Did the same on the back side surface of a scrap. I really can't detect any difference. So, just what does gun trag do? More practice, today. Will start on a knife pouch.
  7. Had a wonderful Christmas. Word must have gotten out to the family that I was interested in doing some leather work. Lots of tools and a big chunk of nice 6-7oz tooling leather showed up under the tree. I'll be doing my first project, this weekend.
  8. Very nice work, there! I'd bet one of those guitar straps would like nice on my Martin.
  9. I'm specifically impressed with what has been done to the inside of the gun holsters. There are a couple of very clear pictures of the "rough" surfaces. The rough side of the slide guard. It's not just rough, and unfinished, as I have seen in so many pieces. It has some sort of finish applied, and probably burnished, or smoothed in some way. Very nice! Would you mind explaining what you have done to those surfaces?
  10. Beautiful work. I especially like the Avenger style holsters. That is what I hope to be making... soon.
  11. Thanks for the welcome. I work in Puyallup... south hill.
  12. Yes. I think of it more as Parkland, but the store address is Tacoma. And, its the only store listed as being Tacoma, so it must be "the" Tacoma store. I was quite impressed with the selection of stuff in the store. And, the place had a half dozen customers while I was there. Good business! I enjoyed walking around and checking out all of the stacks and rolls of material. I gotta text my grandkids and tell 'em where their inheritance will be going.
  13. So, I visited the local Tandy store, today. I kinda expected to find a general craft store that just happened to have a few Tandy things off in one corner. Nope! This is a full-boat Tandy store. Just about everything Tandy shows on their web site is available in this store. And, since its getting into holiday season, the place is well stocked. Now, to start my Sanni Klahz list.
  14. My goal is to make holsters for myself and friends. I'm starting from zero leather working experience. I'm thinking that I need a starter project to get me into leather working. A holster seems a bit much to tackle for the first project, so I have a idea to make a pouch type of case for my new pistol. Something to protect the pistol when bumping around in the range bag. Here's the idea. Imagine a piece of leather 6 1/2in by 13in. Fold in half, so you have a pouch 6 1/2in by 6 1/2in. Folded at top. Stitched across the bottom edge. Insert pistol into the pouch from the right side. Stitch along bottom edge of pistol slide and along trigger guard, so when you slide the pistol in it stops at stitch line. Kinda like a holster. The stitching also creates a secondary pouch at the bottom left, perfect for holding a magazine. That's it. A plain pouch. This seems a rather simple project to tackle. Cutting, stitching, edge burnishing. I don't need to mold the pouch to the pistol. I don't need any fancy carving. I don't really even need to dye the thing. I suppose I could do some of this work, just for practice sake. I need some suggestions about what kind of leather would be suitable for this project. I don't think I need thick stuff in the 6-7oz range. Maybe something that would be suitable for a purse, or a clutch, or a hand bag. Some thing sort of pliable, but still have a bit of stiffness to it. Whatja think?
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