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  1. What weight leather is the common choice for Western Holsters?
  2. 'Bout 150 miles west of "Berrrmidji in Moorhead.
  3. New to this forum, live in NW MN. 66 yr old retired guy, been messing with leather on and off since childhood, but have been hitting it hard since the early 80's. Do all sorts of projects, but cases of various types, brief cases, rifle cases and holsters,dice boxes, old cowboy boots recycled onto women's hand bags, and any off-the-wall thing people come up with is what I like to make. I like to surprise people with some nice leather stuff, some people know and appreciate what an it takes to do some of those things and then there are them that go "meh?" Other interests are fiddling with old cars & trucks and driving hot rods too fast.
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