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  1. somsak

    Hello From Belgium

    Hi Jempy, nice to meet some people from Europe here Many regards from Austria Somsak
  2. somsak

    Hello From Austria

    Hello Ray, thank you very much for your answer. I´m truly sorry to hear about your physical limitations. Your friends from Germany are so right! Many things have changed.....unfortunately it took a turn to the worse in Europe (I don´t want to talk about politics in this forum but I´m pretty sure you know what I mean). Anyway - do NOT stop daydreaming and keep that big smile in your face!!! My best wishes to you and your family and May The Lord be with the Western World Harry
  3. somsak

    Hello From Austria

    Hello King´s X, THX a lot - nice to meet you!
  4. somsak

    Hello From Austria

    Hello Ray, Thank you for your warm welcome! Nice to hear that you know Austria so well. I hope you will have more time to explore this country during your next visit - so many nice spots over here. Please give your wife my best regards - does she still speak german? I wish you all the best and Kind greetings to Alabama Harry
  5. somsak

    Hello From Austria

    Hi to all the leathercrafter and artists on!! My name is Harry and I´m from Vienna/Austria. About 8 month ago I´ve watched a youtube-video abuot leathercrafting (want to make my own dog-collars). Step by step I ordered material, tools and equipment and started my first projekt. I don´t know why, but since this time I got hooked on leathertooling . So it was only a matter of time to find this excellent website. Since yesterday I´m reading forum-comments nonstop and I found allready so many useful tips and tutorials - impossible to remember all of them. I´m very happy to be a member of this incredible community but please excuse my mistakes in writing (my German is a much better). Have a nice day and "Keep On Carving"