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  1. SilkyJohnson

    Motorcycle Saddlebag. First Project.

    I will post photos as soon as I can finish up the second one. Saddle stitching is a lot more work than I expected and seems to be an art by itself. I have a lot more respect for everybody who does their own stitching. It's a lot harder than it looks. I used a mounting bracket kit for saddlebags and the first one bolted up easy. No problems.
  2. SilkyJohnson

    Motorcycle Saddlebag. First Project.

    The pattern is my own design. He wanted something different. So I took side photos and several measurements of different points on the fender and frame. I designed the pattern in Adobe Illustrator, based on the measurements I took. He also told me, he wanted the bag about 6" wide.
  3. Hi this is my first complete project. Well, kind of complete, because it's a set of 2 and I'm still finishing the other side up. I made these for my buddy's 100th anniversary Fatboy as a Christmas present. He said he wanted a different kind of shape to fit the lines of the bike better. I've custom painted a lot of bikes, but never made bags for any. My dad was a master at tooling leather, so I thought with a little advice from him and my expertise in packaging design, it was possible. Obviously I had no idea on the amount of work involved. My friends wife bought all the leather. I did all the work. That was the deal. They loved the end result and I think it turned out pretty good for a first try. Obviously its not as clean as a lot of work I've seen on here. But I learned a lot from the hours and hours I've spent, reading everybody posts and looking at everybody's work here. So thanks. A Lot. Again, it's my first try at making anything out of leather and I know I made a lot of mistakes, but I learned a lot and I think the next set will be much better.